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Vita looks too much like 3ds :(

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Otakumegane said:
Hmm expected more from Pokemon.

Really? Its doing so well though! Probably over 1.5mil pre orders now including bundles

Boutros said:
Kresnik said:
What have you done Boutros?! D:


Do people want cyan back??!?!

No, I kinda like it.  But if you're going with Purple for Vita, I kinda feel like you should go with deeper Purple for PS4 now.  I only voted for Blood Red since it matched PS3's colour, kind of.

It's just change.  So much change in my COMG.  This is my place of safety.

Aerys said:
Ps Vita 2000 is coming !

Yep! More 3 days! 
There is also a lot of cheaper games(the best editions) coming!

God Eater 2 looks fruity, all pink and purple.

Purple is better then Cyan, but I would vote for a shade darker. It's blending in too much between PSP and 3DS.

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Not sure about that new vita color :P

I like the new PSV colour. Thank you Boutros for trying to please us. :)

Yeah the swap to purple for Vita is awesome, but not changing PS4 to a deeper purple seems odd. PS4 and Vita should be similar

I like how as soon as GE2 PSP gets close to the Vita version, the Vita version decides to start pulling away again haha. In 5 days history will be made (I think), a PSV game will grace the top spot of the chart!!

Also does anyone know when the special edition GE Vita will be up for pre-order at COMG?

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Vita is doomed now that its purple!! DOOOMEED