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Microsoft just isnt kidding anymore, back in 2004 the same company that said even if they had to throw all their Bilion to Win Console Race, they werent kidding. 360 pushed boundaries and Stole tens of milions Playstation fans into Xbox and now the next Xbox is Set to once again do massive damage on Sony.

First lets Start with money, Microsoft is willing to spent MILIONS OF MILIONS if they have to buy exclusives, dlc, parterships and there is nothing Sony can do... Sony has no money to spend like Microsoft, Microsoft is a multi bilion company that can buy almost anything.

FPS will play again a big role next gen and Microsoft has this market already locked even if we dont know Xbox 720 yet:

Next Halo

Respawn Exclusive Game

Call of Duty will be even more know as a Xbox Game than ever before.

BF4 not yet announced for Ps4 and EA absent from Sony Show proves that it will be on Xbox Reveal and will be Huge.

Microsoft has just stole all the buzz Ps4 has, Sony is in a really bad position after Vita Fiasco they need Ps4 to do good, well they better prey to the gods, Microsoft will go full swing and at least 30 milion Call of Duty Fans will be already with their eyes on Xbox Reveal! If they can get even more content for this Call of Duty and who knows time-exclusive shit this will be a big big BIG lost for Sony once again.

Call of Duty is one of Microsoft biggest weapons and once again it has been proved with the Full Reveal happening at May 21st.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQEbPn36m1c Trailer seen by milions will make those wath Xbox Event, biggest event in history of gamig.

Generation hasnt even begin and Microsoft is already kicking Sony ass, expect it to get worse as 21 May comes closer, fully expect EA to be at MS Press with Fifa DLCs exclusivity, BattleField 4, Madden etc... Also Fully Expect Kojima Productions, Square Enix, Activision and many more. 

Also expect a full line up of blockbuster games and exclusive that will get more buzz that Obama itself.

Lucid Games will be revealing PGR5 and Turn 10 will showcase Forza MotorSport 5... Expect Ryse and Crytek to show up and announce Crysis franchise exclusive DLC and show Ryse... Also Expect Black Tusk New iP and something New From Epic, LionHead and RaRe.

343 will be a no show, wich will surprise some but not me, Halo 5 is a 2014/2015 tittle aswell next Gears of War.

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Halo's a no brainer, gears is a no brainer. The respawn game is a rumor and everything else you say is just you guessing.

And here we go again with you getting carried away

If money is such a relevant factor,how come Nintendo - the smallest company - won the generation?

I'm sorry, but if you're going to start a thread and write that much, and you're NOT going to have a terribly valid point to make, the LEAST you could do for those of us who unfortunately stumble across it, is to kindly learn some legible GRAMMAR and basic writing skills. No offense. But even just skimming that was hard to read. And by "hard to read" I don't mean I couldn't do it. I mean it kinda gave me a headache. Just saying.

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Another person writing off assumptions as fact.

Best laugh I had all day. Thanks for posting, bro.


Playstation = The Beast from the East

Sony + Nintendo = WIN! PS3 + PSV + PS4 + Wii U + 3DS

Jozu said:
Another person writing off assumptions as fact.

Welcome to VGC :)

pezus said:

And here we go again with you getting carried away

Perhaps it's just that you feel threatened because you can't come up with a clever counter-argument ;P

Ahh Nostalgia.. so many of us behaved in same manner, making rash comments when the current generation of console had started. So many of were just boys then!!! How old are u?