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I want to know how the house where you live is. Including if it is in the city, in the country, etc...

 Well i'll go first, i live in a flat, in the capital city of Las Palmas (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria) in Canary islands.

In my house there is 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and of course,  a living room and a kitchen. I love where I live.

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i live in a dingle story 3 bed 2 full bath two car garage in indiana, thats in the states


well right now im in cegran(not very popular outside this country)and inside a house thats 4 stories

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Which one :P


I can see no mention of this in forum rules /


Although this rule is constantly broken: 'Use a game's full name rather than just a abbreviation of it.'

^dude edit your post before someone reports you and then you can get banned it should have more then 4 words in it

tag:"reviews only matter for the real hardcore gamer"

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I live in a 3 bedroom 3 bath two story, on a lake, in the country, in Minnesota USA.

It's big, I love it, but it's -21F with a -45F wind chill at the moment. It's the coldest location in the US.

South London, near brixton :(, ok sized house, 3 bed 1 bath, OK sized back garden with a trampolin XD, basicaly no front garden.