Forums - Sony Discussion - Which very popular, best selling PlayStation game/franchise you didn't ever play?

Which famous game franchise available on PlayStation platforms you never played?

Call of Duty 41 13.80%
Final Fantasy 45 15.15%
God of War 24 8.08%
Gran Turismo 35 11.78%
Grand Theft Auto 12 4.04%
Metal Gear Solid 28 9.43%
Need for Speed 16 5.39%
Uncharted 30 10.10%
Other 23 7.74%
I've played them all! 43 14.48%

What topic asks. You know that game franchise (PlayStation exclusive or not) everyone talks about? Yet you never bothered to play or didn't get a chance to? 

Now's the time to admit it. I'll start.

I'm a PlayStation gamer since 1997 and I never played a Metal Gear Solid game. Ever. I don't even know what the game's all about (actually, I have an idea, I hear it's about stealth, so it probably has guns, military, zzzzzzZZZzzZZZzz...).

Your turn guys. :P

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God of War

I have the games, I just haven't touched them...

Never played  LBP, i wonder why it isnt on the list.

Metal Gear Solid :)

Final Fantasy and God of War. I've spent a good bit of time on all of the others though. Out of them all MGS is the best so you better play it some time soon or we are going to have a problem. =p

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Little Big Planet its not my type of platform game.

Not all of these games were huge commercial success stories, but I'll list the Playstation games I didn't play.

- Socom
- Syphon Filter
- Dark Cloud
- Ape Escape
- Almost every JRPG, except Final Fantasy.

As for this gen .. I have not played any of the following
- Dead Space
- Any sports game that's big in America (NFL, NBA, NHL, Baseball, etc).


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ive never played J&D, theres also plenty of others were i never passed the 1 hour mark

i said CoD because it was at the top but i could have also said final fantasy and metal gear and grand theft auto and need for speed (and assassin's creed for that matter).

..apparently i don't like popular games.

Took me a while to remember the damn name, but I never played the Resistance series (Except a demo of the first one).

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