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Stuck its tail on its head, how creative.


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Looks like they're running out of ideas...

I hope it'a new pokemon and not a form of Mewtwo, maybe it's a female clone of Mew but the legendary Pokemon are genderless. It could be an evolution of Mew, but legendary Pokemon don't evolve, or maybe it's just another clone of Mew. The official pokemon website calls it a "newly discovered pokemon" so it's more probable that it is a brand new pokemon and not a form of Mewtwo.


So its real >.>

Hmm, hyped ;p

Cant wait to get my 3DS and my first game on it!


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MrBubbles said:


Wrong, the tail is now on the head, therefor Charmander's should'nt have a tail coming out from his rear + the flame should be on the tail coming out of his head.

I demand that you fix it lol


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Well... Let's just say that I hope Pokémon fans of today will enjoy it.

man what's that bow over his head there for? would have been way better to add some extra horns instead!

a bow? pfft... the rest of him looks ok though

    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(

it's not Mewtwo

Kinda reminds me of the gamecube, you know, with the handle and all.