Will PS4 push Killzone/Infamous to new heights?

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Yeah, i think so and hope so as both franchises deserve more recognition,

Loved killzone 2 and infamous :D

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If its actually good this time, why not?

But its gonna have to compete with BF4 and CoD.

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Hard to tell as bundling skews things - Resistance and Motorstorm both racked up huge sales through bundling in the end.

I think both Killzone and InFamous will benefit greatly though, provided the PS4 launch is solid in general (Good price, marketing, suppply). I'd liken it more to Uncharted's launch on the Ps3, which had a lowish opening week but gained momentum week on week as the holidays drew closer - pretty much cause it was the outstanding piece of PS3 software at the time. I can see both racing past 2M before bundling if all goes well.

Unlike the Ps3 though the Ps4 looks like it's gonna have some big games from the off - BF4, AC4, Watch Dogs etc. That could easily hurt the exclusive sales... albeit it's a nice problem for Sony to have at launch - too many games! lol

i think they both have a good chance to increase in sales. both games dont have numbers in their tittles like killzone4 or infamous3. and im guessing thats mostly to attract new fans to the games. killzone shadow fall would seem like a great time for new comers two jump in, they wouldnt feel intimidated by having to know what happened in the 3 or 2 games before it, and then dismiss the game because they dont want to get a ps3 to find out. its a good marketing strategy and it might work out

Resistance sold over 4m when it was a launch title and while I absolutely loved Resistance 3 (probably my favorite FPS ever) I have to say that the first 2 were probably like 7/10 for me.

Regardless of my personal preference it was a new IP from a studio not known for them since they had been doing 3d platformers for 2 gens while KZ is coming from Guerrilla and has sold over 2m with previous installments that all came out mid-late in the gen. Hopefully Sony's new marketing team will do KZ justice as well since it's kinda their big first party showcase and what better to sell a system than a shiny exclusive FPS? Infamous I wish would get released in January or February. I feel like it won't get the attention it deserves although if Sony advertises it just as much I suppose it could work at launch. I love the series (more than KZ) but it will have to be truly stunning on commercials and and quick demos to get people to buy it at launch when COD, AC, KZ, BF, Watch Dogs, and others are all coming. Hell launch will help it too just give me them both!

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