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For example:


Pineapple/ Redwoodapple or Badgenome/ trophynome or Manbearpig/ Manbeartarantula or theprof/ the doctor or hatmoza/ fedoramoza or axumblade/ machinegunblade or andrespetmonkey/ andrespetlion or truckosaurus/ deathstaraourus.


Mine is Bradpittryan.

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Wright -> Right.

I think I'm doing this wr-ong...

Bet. Bet2. Bet3.


Wright / Wrong? Because it is so good to be bad?

spurgeonryan said:
Wright / Wrong? Because it is so good to be bad?

Why not Wright / Wleft? So when a road splits ahead...

Bet. Bet2. Bet3.


Help me! Maybe LesB(ian?) wtf?!

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ǝןdɯıs ʇı dǝǝʞ oʇ ǝʞıן ı ʍouʞ noʎ 

Ask me about being an elitist jerk

Time for hype

Games Bond seems cool enough to me.

Sofa King!


w. fizzy

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Dem extra _ are dumb

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