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Somini said:
NintendoPie said:
think-man said:
NintendoPie said:
What the?! I never expected this.
Activision is such a sneaky company!

Bloody snake in the grass!

Hrm, I don't know what to take this as...?!

Don't worry. You shouldn't get everything at your age you know :D

Lol good golly.

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I'm absolutely stunned! I expected Half Life 3 to be announced before this.

I am confusec are people really surprised or are taking the piss


And in other news: The Earth is still round.

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new call of duty game this year?

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Jay520 said:
binary solo said:
And here I was thinking I'd be original and come and post a thread feigning surprise.

"CoD: Future Wars" I called it first.

Sorry're about three years late

Well that was premature given there have been 3 CoDs since then with no "future" in the title. And mine is "Future Wars" not "Warfare" so I'm still first to call that name.

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JOKA_ said:

I'm betting that there is going to be a transition year (or two) where CoD comes out on PS3/360 as well as PS4/720 before going solely PS4/720

That could work, I can see them doing that.

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