How regulary are you using your WiiU?

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I play mine daily, use the browser daily and use Miiverse daily. Ive logged over 30 hours on ZombiU and over 20 hours on both Nintendoland and NSMBU, not to mention the other games i have on the go for it.
I have used my PS3 only 3 or 4 times in the last couple of months, mainly for a few goes on Hitman Absolution.
Any future multiplat games ie Aliens colonial marines, COD etc will be bought on WiiU from now on.

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Once I get one it'll probably be used for a few months and then thrown into the BackGround like my 3DS. (That is, until Animal Crossing comes out for the 3DS! Same with Wii U, new game = more attention.)

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KHlover said:

What needs to be said first: This is in no way intended to bash Nintendo or be another doom thread, I'm just curious. That being said, lets get to the topic.

I'm a day 1 buyer of the WiiU and greatly enjoyed the games I bought for it. However, after already having cleared New Super Mario Bros. U, ZombiU etc. multiple times I'm running out of games. I already played most of the ported launch games on the PC or my PS3 and I won't buy any digital games until the games are bound to the account instead of the console.

Right now I still use my WiiU regulary, but only as a 350€ anime/manga/youtube/pr0n machine. What about you, guys?

For the last few weeks we have used our Wii U almost ever day to play games, but in part due to the fact that we have been playing Skyward Sword  for the last week.  We do play various Wii U game several times a week though.  There are several eShop games out that are well worth the time and money.

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Every three days, I'm trying to finish my Wii games (currently on SMG2). I check out the released demo eShop between Mondays to Thursdays, whichever day I turn on the console. And normally play on weekends some vWii or NintendoLand.

EDIT: Looking at the registered times, I've played Nintendo Land for 33 hours, most of them during Xmas.

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