How can Nintendo gamers even talk about other system failing?

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When the Wii U is in the state it is in. The 3DS is just finally fully recovering from a disasterous blanch, and the Wii went out with a whimper.


Does it make them feel better?

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The answer to your question.



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BasilZero said:
The answer to your question.


Because the wiiu is early bro..... It`s still ahead of the ps3 and xbox 360 pace. We won`t know what the wiiu is gonna do sales wise until after next Christmas. There aren`t that many games on the system yet which are worth purchasing a system for. The Wiiu could fail but i kind doubt it. I think it will eclipse 50 million in 6 years.


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the PS4 is failing hard, its selling zero copies per week atm

really? the wii U sales are slow now yes, but they will take off. With new system selling software and maybe a price cut in the future there will be a huge take off on the runway. It's only been on the market less then 6 months and doom threads are pathetic, its way to early to predict a consoles fate. Evan i have hope for the vita it (wont be ground breaking numbers but probably close to 20 mil ish).

people are to quick to jump the doom gun on any new console that doesnt sell well at the start.

pointless thread is pointless.


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It's kind of funny, but for quite awhile we were getting flooded with Vita mockery threads. Constantly, day after day. They kind of dried up, though, in a way that oddly aligns with the struggles of the Wii U. I can't say that I haven't found that somewhat amusing.

Why can't I say anything about another console failing? Why not? If its failing, its failing.. Nobody should be stripped of their opinion because of the system they choose to play on.

Wii U will keep being the internet's joke until a new system does poorly. Nintendo fans want the PS4 or Xbox 17+ to fail because it means the end of Wii U doom threads.

For proof look at 3DS. Doom up until the Vita started stealing the doom. Now people have started to ignore the Vita as they move on an doom the Wii U.