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Ok, so I haven't seen any threads like this, so I wanted to make one! A Youtube thread! I'm always looking for new Youtubers to watch, and I bet a few of you do too!  So everyone should post their Youtube channel in this thread! My Youtube is a gaming channel! I hope you enjoy it, and I look forward to watching many of your channels too!

My Youtube Channel! :)

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No one has one?

I have a YouTube Channel but I only use it for Subs. I'm not interesting enough for videos...


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Kikwi 4 Lyfe!...?

Oh... how dissapointing xD

kolbykooz said:
Oh... how dissapointing xD

You would be even more dissapointed if you were made to watch a video by me.


The Official Pokemon Thread:

Kikwi 4 Lyfe!...?

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I do, but I only upload about one random video a year.

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Check out Ohga Shrugs!

Love and tolerate.

I've always thought about it, but when i see all the negative comments some people post on YouTube i find myself losing interest. Something like "let's play this game" or sharing a tip or a secret you've come across in some videogame.

I always wanted to make a youtube channel to for game/movie reviews and walkthroughs but never found the time. Will check your channel out though!

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I have one, but I'm not very confident in some of the content.

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I've wanted to use mine more but never have time for it.

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