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What do you think of this year's WiiU line up?

Epic 66 30.41%
Awesome...so many games! 35 16.13%
Really good, there are several I want. 60 27.65%
One or two games interest me. 32 14.75%
Meh...I don't like Nintendo. 20 9.22%
It's not fair they took Bayonetta 2!!! 3 1.38%
I only play COD. 1 0.46%

With the recent Nintendo Direct, we now know that Mario3D, MarioKart, WiiUParty, WWHD, Retro game, X, SSB4, Bayonetta 2 and even ZeldaU are well into development. In particular we know that Mario 3D and Kart will be playable by June, WW will release by fall and X is already showable while SSB will be soon. So, if we assume they are saving Retro's game to be reavealed at e3 - which makes sense since it is likely a western-focused game - and that it is getting close to completion, there is a lot of content ready to be released in the coming year or so. It's not a stretch that after the summer releases of games like W101, WiiUPlay and WiiUFit we could see:

Super Mario Universe


Wind Waker HD


...all released this fall or soon after. That hits up what people like to call all of Nintendo's big franchises in one season. And they could follow that up with X, SSB4 and Bayonetta 2 before, during or soon after that period. To me that's a crazy amount of high-end content, and it's all first-party. 7 1st party games I would want to buy in one year. I've never seen a stretch like that before. I think it's pretty amazing, and when they talk about 3rd party content it could be game overload. What do you think?

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Yes it's very amazing. But what happens next year? I worry that there won't be a franchise left and we'll have nothing to look forward to other than ZeldaU

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I think 3d mario and kart are coming this holiday, metroid in the spring, DK next summer, smash holiday 14 and zelda sometime in 2015. Thqt covers the big hitters and will obviously have their 2nd tier franchises/casual titles/remakes fill in the gaps. After that probably a couple sequels and maybe a few surprises then its time for the next gen.

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Third party developers need to step up. Nintendo can't do it alone this time. They need to create the new engines to develop for the Wii U in HD, and then create the games to develop it. Third party developers has the chance and they have to capitalize.

By the end of 2013 I think we'll have Mario Kart and/or Super Mario 3D, the Retro game, and maybe even this "X" game. Plus Rayman Legends, The Wonderful 101, and Lego City before that. 2013 is looking amazing, and that's without third party games that haven't been announced yet.

Edit: I forgot about Monster Hunter and Pikmin 3.

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All Nintendo first party game will be day one purchase for me plus project X - Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta2.


There's no way that "X" releases this year. I think Mario Kart U and Yoshi's Land will release this holiday season and maybe Bayonetta 2.

Anyway, I already have 6 games on pre order which will all release before this years holiday season and I still need to preorder MH3U, so there's plenty to play for me. I might even have to skip some games I initially strongly anticipated like Fire Emblem and Soul Sacrifice.

Ongoing bet with think-man: He wins if MH4 releases in any shape or form on PSV in 2013, I win if it doesn't.

remember when pikmin 3 was announced in 2008?

yeah, just saying if you expect all those games this year you are in for a world of disappointment.

Nothing of interest for me.

I really can't see all those games releasing this year. I think they're announcing so many titles this early because they wanted to boost sales, not because they're close to ready. My guess is that they'll be much more spread out than some people are anticipating, which is probably the smarter move. Why cannibalize your own sales?

Still, it kind of puzzles me how excited some people got after that Nintendo Direct. Didn't we already know that 90% of that was in development and had probably been in development since Nintendo abandoned the Wii?

Personally, the X project information was the only thing that really grabbed my interest, though it probably wasn't much of a surprise, either.