Sony said to be in 'active negotiations' to launch an internet TV service

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Sony may be eyeing its own internet television service that would run in parallel — and in competition to — traditional cable. According to a report in Variety, Sony is "in active negotiations" with two or more companies to license their channels for such a service. The magazine's sources say that the discussions are far past the exploratory stage, and they say the service could launch later this year. The television service would not offer à la carte channel offerings, and there's no mention in the rumors of integration with existing over-the-top services like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, or Hulu.

Unfortunately, there aren't too many details other than that, but this isn't the first time that rumors have swirled suggesting that Sony would get into this business. The electronics and media conglomerate already has a sizable footprint in living rooms across America, thanks to the PlayStation 3, its HDTVs, and its Blu-ray players. Sony also has Sony Pictures Entertainment, but it isn't clear how or if the service would leverage that arm of the company. If the rumors are correct, Sony wouldn't be the only ones to release a web TV service this year: talks suggest Intel's very own virtual TV service will come out sometime "soon" as well.


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I think this service will be needed to compete if the Nextbox really will be a multimedia console

Sony already have a tv channel in the UK. It's crap.

Speaking for UK Tv services, If ms or Sony think they can get decent subs for TV services in the UK they are dreaming, Sky and Virgin have it cornered. Which is why MS were smart and partnered up with Sky.

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Don't they already have Crackle? Or is that something different?

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Fusioncode said:
Don't they already have Crackle? Or is that something different?

What is crackle ?

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i don't watch much TV as is and don't really want to either. they only way i would ever pay for TV is if i could just subscribe to the 2 or 3 channels i like. comedy central and .. um. maybe that's it actually.

I know a group of people who've been working on a start-up for several years that was working to produce an internet enabled cable service ...

From their comments, the technology is actually simple and has been (mostly) available for decades; the challenge is getting access to channels, and fighting with the regulations, and they've been (mostly) tied up in red-tape through most of their existance. It could be different in different countries, and a large company may have an easier time then they've had, but I wouldn't get my hopes up atm.

not sure if i'd use it, but if i don't have to pay extra for it, then i'm all in.

For comparisons sake, doesnt MS have similar plans? Im asking because Id like to know which would actually DO this first.


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Didn't they already have something called play tv?