Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Update: Owns 65% of Brazilian Market from 1 year ago to Today. Xbox 360 leads Mexico, probably Whole Latin America. Top Sellers in Brazil 4/6 all From Xbox.

it just doesnt stop with 50m sales over Xbox 1 and over 500m SW sales, Xbox is also marking is name on Latin America, after strong dominance in the North American market with almost 42m Consoles Sold over there Xbox is now crushing the Latin America market, leading Mexico and SW Sales in Brazil!

"All of a sudden you could import software with absolutely no import duties, and hardware with very low import duties," Caudron recalls. "Microsoft then jumped the opposition and launched the Xbox very, very strongly - lots of marketing, a perfect operation. And they took the market. That's why, today, the Xbox is the leading platform in Mexico. I happen to know that Mexico is the third worldwide market for Xbox, after North America and United Kingdom."

"They have to take them into consideration," Caudron says. "For the bricks-and-mortar business these countries are going to be the next really big markets - it's going to be Brasil, it's going to be China. For me, there's no doubt about why Microsoft made that decision."

Xbox dominates SW in Brasil aswell on Fnac and many other Retailers! Oxalá cresça assim também em Portugal!

Microsoft next Step should be China, they would dominate over there if they launch 360 there. Chinese dont like Japanese so Ps3 will be pretty much doomed there from the early start.

Your move Microsoft.

More things about Mexico:

"Mexico is becoming a very large video game market. With 110 million people, a strong university system, a trillion dollar economy, free trade agreements with countries housing major video game companies, and roughly half of all people under the age of 25, we at VGChartz believe that Mexico is currently the fastest growing retail video game market in the world". 

Regardless of the time covered, which is a mystery we can solve in the coming weeks, the three retailers appear to be strongly in favor of Microsoft and Nintendo.

Prices listed below are converted from Mexican Pesos that are listed by Mexican retailers and converted to USA dollars.

Sanborns Mexico                              Game Rush Mexico                            Mixup

1) NSMB Wii - $83                            Kinect Sports - $58                           Pokemon White - $59

2) Metroid: Other M - $83             Super Mario All Stars - $58            Pokemon Black - $59

3) Halo Reach - $75                         COD: Black Ops (X360) - $83          Kinect Sports - $58

4) Toy Story 3 (X360) - $64             Dance Central - $58                        Killzone 3 / with Move - $166

5) Kinectimals - $58                         Kinect Joy Ride - $58                       Mario Sports Mix - $83

6) Kinect Joy Ride - $58                   Fifa 11 (X360) - $83                         Halo Reach - $75

7) Kinect Sports - $58                       Halo: Reach - $75                           Disney Epic Mickey - $66.5

8)                 n/a                                   Kinectimals - $58                            AC: Brotherhood (X360) - $83

9)                  n/a                                AC: Brotherhood (X360) - $58       Dead Space 2 (X360) - $83

10)                n/a                                COD: Black Ops (PS3) - $83             (Not Listed)

Xbox and Nintendo absolute domination in the biggest market from Latin America.

UPDATE: OWNS 65% of Brazilian market since MS started prodution there.

Fnac sales over 1000% over there, UZ Games selling 8x + what they Sold Before.

"A montagem local, que reduziu o preço do Xbox 360 em 40%, teve reflexo imediato no varejo: só para citar dois exemplos, na Fnac as vendas do console aumentaram 1000%, enquanto a UZ Games passou a vender oito vezes mais Xbox 360."

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?? I thougt exactly those areas where Sony dominant??

They still sell the fucking Genesis in Brazil lol.

But why is vgchartz not tracking it?? It may be that it even surpassed N64!

tonymarraffa said:
They still sell the fucking Genesis in Brazil lol.

It's not a significant amount, I'm afraid. Most gamers play PS3, 360 and Wii. PS2 to some extent due to available piracy.

The problem in tracking sales in places like Brazil is that they are only tracking official sales, while most players import their consoles from USA or Europe or minor import stores, instead of buying from major retailers where the official packages are sold (and therefore tracked).

The official price of a PS3 slim in Brazil today is around BR 1399,00, or something close to U$ 650,00... That's due to the taxes, Sony says. A minority of people will buy their consoles at this price, most will import theirs to avoid paying the taxes.

Microsoft has seemingly installed a factory in Brazil which reduces their costs so they sell the official 360 at a much lower price than the PS3. The official sales of 360 are higher than the  official PS3 due to this, but when imports are considered, PS3 is just as, if not more popular than 360 in Brazil. 360 is also more pirated while PS3 is most chosen console to go 'legit' and play online due to no monthly fee. Note that PS Plus has not arrived in Brazil but Xbox Live Gold has.

Source: lived/worked in Brazil for a few months, brazilian friends. Also, in stores I only saw PS3, 360, PC and Wii sections (maybe PS2? don't remember). No such thing as Genesis or old consoles like that. :D

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Why are you posting an article from 2011?

"Source: lived/worked in Brazil for a few months, brazilian friends. Also, in stores I only saw PS3, 360, PC and Wii sections (maybe PS2? don't remember)"- You should tell this some fanatic people here who still belive that the PS2 is selling higher than DS or the Vita!

" while most players import their consoles from USA or Europe or minor import stores"- so we can say that many PS2īs wich are sold in brazil are imported from the US? This would mean US numbers include a high percentage of PS2īs sold in Brazil!?

It's true Mexicans buy a lot of Xbox, when i was there it was crazy no one liked the ps brand as much as the xbox, i went to some cafe to play and you can only see pure xbox no ps in sight, but maybe because the cafe i went to were pure pirate consoles.


Carl2291 said:
Why are you posting an article from 2011?

Because he is trying to defend his purchase, by hyping up the 360

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Interesting reading.