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Well its officially the 21st of December here in New Zealand, Worlds still here.....Guess we have to wait until America is ready for the World to end.

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Well, guys. This is it. The world is finally coming to an end. About time, I guess.

Since we are all gonna die anyway, I might as well get this off my chest at long last: Fuck Sony and all its stupid fans!!! WAHAHAHAHA!!!

hahaha this had me

think-man said:
its officially the 21st of December here in New Zealand, Worlds still here.....


Well... This is awkward...

Well this is a dissapointment... :/

If you Google it theres a count down clock for it. Its ment to happen at 6:11pm est (New York).
So the whole thing is some cycle that happens every 26000 years. So its happen before apparently...
The only doom you could go by is did anything happen 26000 years ago, well from random searches people say that was when Atlantis fell.

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I saw this in a thread yesterday but didnt post in it, I should go do that now.

Anyways, Dec 21st 2012.

20 hours left ;)


Basil's YouTube Channel


It's starting... several zombie threads have risen from their graves...

It's supposed to be in US time, haven't seen the movies? :D

I will die a virgin ;_;


KungKras said:
I will die a virgin ;_;

You still have a few hours! Make a deal with one of your virgin female friends.

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