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The Xbox that I just bought is amazing, I've already started playing halo 4 online, and I can't wait to trash my friends on multiplayer..



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Nice. What games did you get?

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Halo 4 is amazing. Def check the arcade this week though as they are having a big sale, also do yourself a favor and play the Gears series

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Halo 4
Saints Row

What model did you get and what model are you coming from (if any)? Was it you that was recently raving about Halo Reach? Well Halo 4 is great and it sounds like you are already enjoying it, which is cool because it gets better.

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you should check out "Happy Wars" this is a free download from the XBLA section. Fun game.

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Which Fable?

Congratulations! Halo 4 is amazing! :)

Good for you. What's the point of this thread?

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