Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Do you think Mario Kart WiiU will have local multiplayer with up to 6 players?

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I gotta say, that´s my most wanted feature for the next Mario kart...4 people using Wii remotes, and two using gamepads (since the Wii U will eventually be able to support two gamepads).

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I find it hard to believe it will be supporting 6 players, think about it, 6 different images being rendered, kind of rough. Unless the secondary GamePad comes unique with a bit of processing power in it to save the Wii U from having to do even more work, it would probably be a bad idea anyway.

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6? Definitely 5 players like in Nintendo land. But maybe Mario Kart won't require a ton of power to have 2 gamepads... we will see.

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Or you could just play private games between two + different consoles. Sounds like it would be kind of crowded to have 6 people playing on the same system. And they would probably need to cut back visuals and performance a great deal as well.

Do I think it will feature six local players? No.

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Mario Kart is probably pretty light on the system processing wise, so maybe. I think the easiest would be five players though, and Nintendo will probably take the easiest route, considering Toad nr2's reappearance in NSMBU.


My money would be on 5 for sure.

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Nintendo said that the cost of adding the second gamepad was having the fps dropped by half and while Mario Kart isn't very graphics intensive that's still a lot of pixels.

Unless they find a way to avoid that performance hit and run the game at 30fps for all the 6 players then they will go with only 5.


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6 would be nice but 5 sounds more reasonable to keep the fps up.

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no it will be max 5 players

well I hope they do 5 players at least..

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