Forums - Sales Discussion - (USA) Wii U sales vs. Previous Generation systems at launch

Wii U Wii PS3 XBox 360
Totals Gap Totals Gap Totals Gap
Week 1 411,850 463,466 51,616 139,044 -272,806 305,237 -106,613
Week 2 542,583 616,847 74,264 196,672 -345,911 387,370 -155,213
Week 3 705,455 728,677 23,222 281,031 -424,424 430,386 -275,069
Week 4 849,068 864,647 15,579 378,603 -470,465 477,303 -371,765
Week 5 993,375 488,159 526,040
Week 6 1,075,329 583,058 563,282
Week 7 1,147,458 667,762 610,987
Week 8 1,231,982 724,141 674,624
Week 9 1,318,775 774,796 740,332
Week 10 1,408,031 822,690 792,043
Week 11 1,490,682 868,231 838,276
Week 12 1,572,848 911,438 878,371

Edit: December 15th

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Wow, pretty interesting! Not so bad Wii U launch after all!

Where are you getting these Wii U numbers from?
Your Week 1 doesn't align with the VGchartz data....but you are using VgChartz data for Week 2 which is weird.

VGKing said:
Where are you getting these Wii U numbers from?
Your Week 1 doesn't align with the VGchartz data....but you are using VgChartz data for Week 2 which is weird.

Edit: I was originally going to do a comparison of "The Americas" but you can only select "USA" ...

EDIT: Nevermind

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Those PS3 numbers are interesting..


could you do this with PS4 and PS3 when PS4 launches next year? the US numbers are going to be interesting indeed

its nice to see that the Wii U isn't tracking too far behind the Wii in the US.

You should do a week-by-week percentage increase comparison too.

Just goes to show that it's WAY too early to judge the success, or lack thereof for the Wii U, despite the fact that I kinda just was in another topic heh.. Look at the PS3. Started off its first 2 weeks with less than 200k and yet now it's poised to reach 70 million and still going relatively strong. Even the 360, which now dominates America, started off with worse sales than Wii U. Not saying Wii U is going to be this huge hit now, I'm just saying it's way way too early to get a clear picture of what's going on here.

We've just become so used to the Wii/DS phenomenon of multiple consecutive weeks of massive numbers in the 300-400k range, but those were exceptions, not the rule. If you try to compare all sales to those consoles, then everything is going to look crappy, except maybe PS2. But especially with the economy the way it is now, the numbers we're seeing now are going to be the norm.

That said, I still feel as though Nintendo sort of dropped the ball with the way they handled the Wii U, from the price, to the lack of marketing, to neglecting of their expanded audience userbase that played a huge role in the Wii phenomenon. Though it's never too late to get your shit together and redeem yourself, as Sony showed somewhat this gen.

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I entered this thread expecting Wii U x PS2 x Xbox.

Go figure.

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out of curiosity, when did those other systems launch?