Mexico's Supreme Court Unanimously throws out version of 'Prop 8' in Oaxaca!

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"Mexico's Supreme Court issued a unanimous ruling Wednesday striking down a marriage ban in the southern state of Oaxaca. Advocates say the language of the decision could open the door for same-sex marriages throughout the nation. 

The ruling effectively changes Oaxaca's civil code to state that marriage takes place "between two people," instead of between a man and woman, reports Spanish-language site AnimalPolitico.

The Court ruled in favor of three same-sex couples who sued the state of Oaxaca for the right to marry. The ruling does not immediately eliminate marriage equality bans in other Mexican states, but it does set a legal precedent to begin challenging statewide marriage bans, according to the blog AfterMarriage

While many Mexican states still have marriage bans on the books, in 2010 the nation's capital, Mexico City, began serving gay and lesbian couples with marriage licenses. Shortly thereafter, the Supreme Court ruled that marriages performed in Mexico City must be recognized by every other state in the country, due to a constitutional clause that requires states to recognize contracts performed in other jurisdictions. "



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You go Mexico!

Among the gang violence, extensive poverty, and various corrupt officials come two happy people hand-in-hand. And the U.S. hasn't done it yet. Hrmph.

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I don't understand how this just doesn't instantly allow all gay marriage.

Are there things that are legal in one Mexican state "constitutionally"(because i don't know what they use) but not other states?

Worth noting that the Supreme Court has started ducking gay marriage issues lately. I think they know they would have to rule the same way, largely would rule the same way, and just want to avoid it.

Well, I'm reading the original note and it says that 5 resolutions are needed to fully change the law on Oaxaca. They have 3, if 2 more cases are approved in Oaxaca the law is going to change.

It doesn't changes the law automatically in all of Mexico. But it's a precedent in which if someone demands their own state, they are surely going to win. So, this almost opens the door for same-sex marriages all around the country.

Yes! Remember the gays but forget the Mormons! Brilliant!

Marriage Equality is just that. Equality for all people, not just a certain new group at a time when it's politically helpful.

I'm an Atheist btw.

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