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It would appear that Square Enix is working on something game-related called “All The Bravest”.

This past week, the company not only registered the domain names AllTheBravest.com (WHOIS) and AllTheBravest.net (WHOIS), it also filed a European Community Trademark for the name.

Both domain names were registered through the trademark and domain management company Thomson Brandy on November 29, 2012.


Bravely Default localized name? Or something else?

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I love that name actually! More than Bravely Default fo sure XD

Hope so. I definitely want to play this game.

Sounds like a Bravely Default localization.

I hope it is the western name for Bravely Default, if it is, day 1 ;)

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bravery default surely? Hope so too cuz that game does look very good

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Million of bravery port to the west... Google it and then hate me for making you google it..


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All the bravest what?


Nvm I hear its a social game? lol

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Why do so many people hate the name "Bravely Default"? I love it.

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