How will the world end?

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Chuck Norris.

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I bet muslims will be involved.


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pokoko said: 

The world? It will be swallowed by a dying sun.

Humanity? We will overpopulate until we strip the planet of every last resource. This will lead to war and unprecedented brutality. Bodies will fill the streets and once lush forests will be cleared wastelands. All water will be polluted and disease will rage unchecked.

Still, though, a few groups will survive here and there, tucked away in inhospitable places. They'll scape by, waiting for the world to cleanse and rebuild itself. Hopefully they won't start the cycle all over again but I wouldn't hold my breath.

So something like fallout, if so I can't wait to live in a world like that. Just need to find a way to freeze myself until the time comes.