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And also less fps

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Totaldemon said:

And also less fps, isnt the ps3 the most advanced gaming console in the world? /trollface

No the Wiiu is the most advanced console ever created by man or God!

Removing the #comments part at the end of your link so it goes directly to the article, not to the comments section so everyone has to scroll up after clicking on it would be helpful :)

No actually the Wii U is the most advanced game console in the world.


Saying it looks like crap is ridiculous. If not for this articlepointing out the small differences nobody would be able to tell the difference.

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ok let me edit no jokes lol

"It's impossible to overlook the aggressive blur applied over the top of the image though, resulting from what appears to be a new post-process anti-aliasing technique for the studio. The intensity of the filter is so pronounced that, even after close study of numerous shots, it's difficult to pinpoint whether any hardware MSAA is being applied on Sony's platform."

Shoddy work. Really, it's clear they just didn't spend that much time optimizing for the PS3. Kind of sad for a game of this level.

Still, it's not like it's all that noticeable to the normal person. If someone really cared that much about graphics then they'd have the PC version. As the article said, this actually appears to be a step up for the series.

Squilliam said:
No actually the Wii U is the most advanced game console in the world.

Not impressive compared to PC and the fact its only marginally better then 7 year old ps3 and xbox.

Loos like crap? This site is full of trolls, yes, multiplat ports from xbox look worse on PS3 welcome to 2007.................. It is always better to build on Ps3 and port over like many are doing now, but not everyone does. When devs use all ps3's cell games look amazing thats a fact. BLOPS doesn't


Not too mention 99.9% of people buying blops would never see the difference.

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A Call of Duty game that looks better on 360 wow what a surprise.