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I thought it was necessary to address some games that need to appear to be overtracked or undertracked. The games listed below show an excessive discrepancy between offical numbers and VGChartz numbers.

Game VGChartz Official
God of War III 4.5m 5.2m (as of June)
Gran Turismo 5 8.1m 9.0m (as of Sept)
Assassin's Creed III 3.2m 3.5m 

Even if the official numbers are shipped, that still wouldn't make up for the huge differences, especially considering the official numbers are likely much higher than when the numbers were initially released.

God of War 3 was adjusted upwards towards 5m back in June, but was adjusted back down immediately afterwards. I'm not sure why that happened and why ioi hasn't corrected the numbers, but hopefully this can be fixed and/or ioi can explain the numbers. 

Do you know of any other games that are clearly overtracked/undertracked? If so, give links to official numbers and I'll add them to the chart. If we bug ioi enough, maybe he will adjust the numbers.

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Zumba Fitness is at least 2 million overtracked.

Assassins Creed 3 was confirmed to sell over 3.5m units FW by the publisher. Explicitly mentioned sell-through and not shipped.

Barozi said:

Zumba Fitness is at least 2 million overtracked.

Do those numbers include ZUmba Fitness 2?

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