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So one piece pirate warriors just launched in america and like the big one piece fan that I am I want to buy it, but IS NOT AVAILABLE IN LATINAMERICA!!!!!! I have never heard of a case like this where a digital game is not available in latinamerica but it is in USA and Canada, what happened here is our money not good enough for Sony? Should I simply import the game? Must I boycott the PSN? I dont know what to do and this is a sad precedent for any digital game in the future =(

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maybe you should rant about Namco Bandai instead.

Yeah. Don't rant about the vita. Send Namco an angry facebook message.

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its probably just a copy right issue, why dont you just make an USA account and download it from there

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Make a US PSN, then order a US PSN card off ebay then buy it.

I'm still upset Counter Strike GO isn't available on PSN europe...


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import it from EU if you prefer the disc version (and might be cheaper) or download from US PSN store... could be a rating issue... PSN probably don't have any fault there... the publisher is the "BOSS" here, he says where is launched, the price, when...

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It's like the company asks you to pirate their games.

Sony bought Namco Bandai?