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TheShape31 said:


So there's that.


DieAppleDie said:
still stronger than a PS3 right? enough for me
and seriously, theShape, you put too much effort putting down a thing you dislike, focus on positive things and things you like, you will be happier

I'm trying to get to the facts, regardless of the outcome.  So just because I'm defending the information that makes the Wii U seem less powerful, it doesn't mean that I'm anti-Nintendo or anything like that.  Why do you think Wii U is so easily backward compatible?  Enhanced Broadway architecture is the most obvious answer, which is codenamed Espresso... Project Cafe ring any bells?  When you put all the information together, it makes the most sense.

I agree, this full backward compatibility can be possible because WiiU uses the same architecture as GC/Wii, it is a strong indication that WiiU uses a more powerful version of Broadway processor.