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I'm sorry to say but this thread sickens me...

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pezus said:

I'm sorry to say but this thread sickens me...

That's because too many people take everything too serious. Based on the title alone it should be clear that you have to tackle this topic in a lighthearted way.

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WTF are you talking about?

Of course after the first offence.

Yes. And cheating women should be killed!

No. It's not a crime and it shouldn't be either so there's no need for punishment. Also, where do you draw the line? And finally, this should be gender-neutral so there needs to be a similar punishment for women if men get castration. Before that there's very little point in debating this topic.

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So should cheating women have there vaginas sewed shut?

That's how much sense you make.

The world would be an even weirder place then it is now if stuff like this was actually going on.

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Runa216 said:
Korppi said:
Runa216 said:
Korppi said:

If a woman's husband be caught lying with another, they shall be strangled and cast into the water. If the husband's wife would save her husband, the king can save his servant.

The hell are you on?  Is that some sort of lame attempt at a bible quote?

The Code of Hammurabi. Switched the genders, of course.

You know, because this whole thing sounds like something stupid and archaic that you'd expect to read from an old Babylonian clay tablet dating back to the 1700's BC. I dunno, it made sense in my head.

ah, got it.  Still feel this entire thread is a farce.  being unfaithful to your partner is not a good thing to be sure, as honesty is a very important part of any relationship, but the worst punishment you should get for being  unfaithful is losing your partner(s).  if you are dishonest or lie to someone, it's only fair they don't trust you, and if that means they don't want to have a relationship with you, then that's their decision.  

To be honest, sex really SHOULDN'T be that big of a deal.  it shouldn't be a deal breaker, or some end of the world thing if something doesn't 'fit'.  I'm with D12Lewis, I always saw sex as just another thing two friends do.  yeah, it strengthens bonds, as it requires an air of humility and fragility, you have to trust someone to be naked in front of them, but I don't think it's some holy act.  To me, I'm just as willing to have sex with a friend as I am play videogames with them.  I just want a partner that shares my 'sex is casual' attitude. 

Oh, and happydolphin once again misses my point.  dude seems to follow me around to every thread I post in to try and make me look bad by exposing logic holes that aren't there. 

And yet you always fail at showing how. Maybe I missed your point (and I get it from this post), but it doesn't change that the way you argued it was flawed. It's probably what happened every time we debated in the past.

In other words you have interesting perspectives, but don't rationalize/argue them well.

Ps3 said:
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xKakashi209x said:
What about cheating women

Men cheat way way more than women. If a woman does it it's because she probably learned it from another man.

Do you know the reason why men cheat on women?

Because of women.

That doesn't make cheating okay. Women have a higher chance of getting STDS due to pig men sleeping around.

hahahaha, this guy is fucking amazing !!! A true showman !

Rapists should be castrated on their first offense. Cheaters should be stripped of all of their money and left to fend for themselves. This has nothing to do with the Bible, this is social justice in real life.