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Salnax said:
"What do you think about my sexual development?" - Weird as hell, but I've seen worse.

"Is the attraction to children, by itself, wrong?" - Not really. Just unfortunate.

"Do you believe just like gays, pedophiles have no control over who their attracted to and shouldn't be judged?" - Basically. I would argue a few of the semantics, but I don't think pedophiles are necessarily guilty of wrongdoing.

"Is fantasizing about children wrong?" - Tricky, but I'm going to say no.

"Is age play wrong?" - If anything, it's better than conventional fantasizing.

Fetishes are weird.

What are the semantics you would argue?

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Cub said:
TheEvilBanana said:

Op is no lie. I post the weird details about my life in this forum. It's what's expected of me... Now, I know there are a couple people here who think all my posting here was a huge troll, the cousin sex, the doing LSD and going schizophrenic, the 32 year old boyfriend, all of it... But my true friends here know I am not a troll. I only made two troll threads, one about the ayran race and whites supremacy(I don't really support that), and one where I talked about how I thought a 13 year old girl that I facebook married was 16, Everyone assumed I was talking about sex, I was talking about a facebook marriage. Only my biggest fan picked up on it...

There are A LOT of girls who are into age play and kinky things...

Some girls like to be submissive, call a guy daddy and like it rough. I was just lucky enough that my ex fiance was one of these girls.

oh, that's what you meant by age play? lol that's nothing to be ashamed of dude. It's COMMON and I love it ;)

Yes, I know a lot of guys want or enjoy a daddy/daughter sex-sub relationship and it's common, the difference between me and them is, well, I'm actually pretending the girl is like 4-13(it would depend on my mood how young i want her to act, but i'll have to experiment and see what I like, maybe too young in the roleplay would just be awkward).

Well, since noone has done it yet...

Necromunda said:

Well, since noone has done it yet...

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Dude, I am no one to say whats right or wrong when it comes to another man's fetishes, all I can say is that as long as you keep fantasies far from becoming realities you are ok by me, I mean what's on your mind while you fap or what you and your girl play at while fucking it your business, I do recommend that you do not explain your fantasies and fetishes to people in RL who have kids, lol they might not be as understanding as the VGchartz community. lol

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Interesting thread. I'm not sure if he's trollin' or not.

I mean, the science is there, there IS a difference between being a pedophile (attracted to kids) and a child rapist, but...nobody comes out and TALKS about that shit. They just don't. At least not on a site like this. maybe on some hidden deep web site, but not on a videogame forum.

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TheEvilBanana said:
New questions:

Should I be allowed to have kids? (I want kids, not to molest, to raise and nurture and teach and play with toys and love and all that good stuff.

Do you think the government will raid my house? Even though I've never owned any physical or digital child porn, I still get paranoid because it would suck so bad to get all videotapes/memory cards/computers taken and searched...

I am so not sure.

But I think you might have to get over this stage (can you call it that? I don't know...) if you want to have children. Who knows, you might actually be attracted to them. I know that might sound outrageous but you really can't know.

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