Why not make a Super Smash ShowelWare game?Which characters would you choos

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Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure seemed good. Mario and Sonic is fun. His other console games haven't been that good though.

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TWRoO said:
Ha Ha. Where's the dog from?

 Dog Island, the most badass game... ever


All those Disney Channel characters.. *shudders*

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weezy said:
the dude from adventure island


David Jaffe

 Oh come on, Master Higgins is a stud and the Adventure Island games were great.

Sonic is the only character that could be in Brawl and Shovelware legitimately at the same time hehe.

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Any of the Boogie characters. And the Jenga tower as a stage

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Crazy Frog

A character from Two Worlds

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So, this thread flop like the hypotetical game will flop???

By me:

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I like this thread.

actually there's NO WAY this game would flop, because all those fans of Anubis, Rock'n'Roll Adventures, Dog Island, Breastz... or is it Bratz?, Dogz, Catz, Hamsterz, Horsez, would buy it!!!



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