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they are finally doing away the huge fucking heads, good.

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deskpro2k3 said:
My guess is if Xillia 1 sells good in the west, they'll without a doubt bring it over.

they have to...

Or they could just release both in 1 pack or something. 

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pezus said:

Why not on Vita? :o

They are probably gonna do another "R" version of a past released Tales game, more than likely Tales of Hearts R? Not sure.


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Well tell me when the first one finally makes it to the rest of the world.

Day 1 import.

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mantlepiecek said:
Turkish said:
This is just TOO much! We have already Tales of Graces f incoming in august, then NiNoKuni, and now Xilia 1 AND 2.

4 great rpgs in a span of 18 months? So little time to play them all.

Is this coming to the west?

Probably, seeing that Xilia was one of the best selling if not the best selling Tales of game in Japan.

And yet part 1 still isn't localized >.>


Now they just need to bring xillia to the west. And lighten up on the drab colors.

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Time for hype

Cool... I need a western version.

darthdevidem01 said:
UK Namco Bandai twitter said "Stay Tuned"...


It means you got trolled XD


Jk it means an announcement is gonna be made for your or every region though if Namco only said "Stay Tuned" it could also be non tales related.


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