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Are You Going To Buy Spec Ops: The Line ??

Yes 5 35.71%
No 9 64.29%

2k Games is taking their shot at the first person and multiplayer genre,with the future release of Spec Ops: The line for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.A new trailer has been released showing casing in game footage.

Is 2k taking aim at Call of Duty and Battlefields franchises ?
Its going to make things interesting for sure.

To be released June 26, 2012 for Xbox 360, PC and PS3

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I sure hope the multiplayer is good, because that single player demo was god awful.

It is like they condensed every third person shooter / military shooter cliche into one game ... you have your wise cracking squad mates, your generic good guy / always does the right thing hero, cover based shooting straight out of gears of war (but not as polished as gears), a color palette for the game that consists of brown, grey, tan, and absolutely nothing else, laughable AI, a story completely MIA, poor shooting mechanics, absolutely no weapon variety, nothing unique in terms of gameplay additions that have not been seen before in other games, and that is just what I have to complain about so far.

I was actually looking forward to this game since it was advertised as something new and different (at least as shooters go) with a morally ambiguous storyline and an interesting setting. Based on the demo, this may be the most generic and bland game of 2012, but hey the multiplayer might be decent I guess ... probably not though. 

that was..underwhelming. I was thinking they will do some fun stuff with the sand setting but it looks like not much more than what you get in the sand village map of UC3 MP. Add to that the fact all maps shown so far looks very similar to each other. I have downloaded the SP demo. Hopefully it's good

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While I didn't mind the campaign demo, the game controls weren't very satisfying. It has to compete with GR:future soldier for multi and I don't like their chances.

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The controls are not the best and the demo was not mind blowing to us Gamers who are used to
the first person shooters that have been coming out for years now. But it was nice to try something new out,
and I want to play the multi-player to see how that fares. I do like the try by 2k Games to try something new besides their main focus on sports.

Anybody else play the demo and think; Gears of War with sand??

Plus, it's third person, not first, so they won't be competing with COD etc.

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I liked the sandstorm and avalache traps,but everything else sucked in that trailer.

The coolest thing is the Dubai setting. I wish more games would use Dubai as it is an excellent location.

TomNinetyTwo said:

Anybody else play the demo and think; Gears of War with sand??

Plus, it's third person, not first, so they won't be competing with COD etc.

that is a good comparison to Gears of War...i missed that one....