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Here are the reviews from the latest copy of UK mag PSM3.

Devil May Cry 4: 80%. Impossible to recomment to everyone, but the purest expression of the series' yet,

Unreal Tournament 3: 85%. Not one for loners, but a technical tour de force - one of the sharpest shooters on PS3.

Burnout Paradise: 89%. Flawed in structure but magnificent to play, Paradise is within touchin distance of vital.

Gran Tourismo 5 prologue (Japan Import): 82%. Other racers are greater value for money, but this is an invaluable glimpse at GT's future.

Turok: 71%. A decent shooter, but fails to capture the series' classic feel due to lack of fresh ideas.

Time Crisis 4: 43%. It has a certain nostalgia, but this fails to entertain long enough to demand a purchase.

The Club: 72%. Perfect if you're after a no-brainer - just don't expect the novelty to last long.

Soldier Of Fortube: Payback: 62%. Ignore and this is an average shooter.

Other PS3 games:

Blazing Angels 2: 70%
NBA 2008: 61%
Cars: Master-National: 51%
Everyday Shooter: 79%

Asterix At The Olympic Games: 54%

R-Type Tactics: 80%

Edit: It seems that people are getting worked up over scores. Im going to give you a guideline to PSM3's scores as provided in the mag.

0-29. Rubbish. An absolute stinker and an insult to gaming. The makers should be ashamed.
30-49. Poor. Why did they do that? Some simple playtesting could of worked wonders.
50-69. All right. Hey it works, and we can see what they are tryin to do. And thats about it.
70-84. Good. Worth playing, especially if you're a fan of the genre. It just lacks that touch of greatness.
85-89. Superb. This is the sweet spot. If a game scores in this zone then it's definitely worth your money.
90+. Amazing. You must get this. Failure to do so would mean missing out on a real console classic.

Hope it helps

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From the videos, images and stuff i'm planning on getting it. Only thing left is the reviews. I'll wait for them and if they're not bad, i'll surely get it. 71% seems a bit low but they gave 80% to DMC so I guess 71 is not so bad lol

Its worth a look, no guarentees though.

No, the series kinda went downhill so we'll see....

Prepare for termination! It is the only logical thing to do, for I am only loyal to Megatron.

I'll probably get it after it price drops to the $30 range.