Forums - Nintendo Discussion - New Super Mario Bros. 2 announced for 3DS!!! Hitting the World and eShop(!) in August!

It was announced at the end of the latest Nintendo Direct and is supposed to hit Japan (and hopefully the rest of the world) with maximum power in August! Yeah, it's coming in less than six months!

Party time!



The game will also be available through eShop! Nintendo going digital confirmed!

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I can honestly say, I'm not surprised. But I can honestly say, I am quite hyped for it!!!

It has been known for a while that a Super Mario Bros. game was in the works for the 3DS but it's nice to know that we won't have to wait very long for it!

I wonder what Rol thinks. Other than "About time."

Love and tolerate.

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So glad I came home early today!
My favorite game last gen is getting a sequel!!!

And the epic return of the P-meter and Raccoon Mario!


Looks good, but I was hoping for a 3d mario style like mario 64 or sunshine, but that will probably be for the Wii U...I hope

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They're partying hard in the Mushroom Kingdom tonight.

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Found this on Neogaf:


New New Super Mario Bros:

Old New Super Mario Bros:



It does look like exactly the same as the Wii game :/