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A lifelong gaming buddy of mine recently introduced a new baby boy into the world, his first child.  When we were younger, we would talk about how we would get all of our kids together and have them go at it on videogames while us adults sat around and talked.   Fastforward to today and his wife is numb to the idea of having games introduced into their son’s lives, and by numb I mean she does not want them around, period.  She is the breadwinner in the house so it’s almost like he has to succumb to that reality.  I let him permanently borrow my Wii, and his wife is even clamping down him playing that in fear that it will take away focus from raising their child and doesn’t want the system to be around when his son is of age.

I’ve been torn on the subject also, I feel that growing up, gaming took up a majority of my time, and while I feel that I came out on top, there are many an opportunity I felt I have missed because I was focused on beating Ruby weapon or staying up 12 hours mastering Ken in street fighter alpha 2.  Where do you stand? do you plan to introduce gaming to your child once they get the appropriate age?


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First video game my son plays will be Ocarina of Time, then some other classic favorites like, Chrono Trigger/Cross, and various Final Fantasies.


blkfish92's comment is very disturbing for some reason. Nothing against him, but it'd kind of like raising the child in the religion he was born in...


Selfishly, I will put strict rules on their gaming habits.

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If they want to play videogames they'll find it out on their own, I needed no introduction myself, so I don't think it should be proper of me to force it onto my children.

Anyways, no time to create kids, M0re gaming to do!

Started them off with the older systems. 3 year old is already a pro at navigating the DS and 3DS.

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When i will throw some semen into my GF which will result in her throwing those back out again 9 months later in the shape of children, i think games wont need any precise introduction, because i couldnt think of stopping that hobby "entirely", meaning that "they" would get in touch with games without me actually forcing it. BUT i'd want to spend most of my time with them outside, showing them what nature has to offer. So yeah, showing off games? Hell yeah. Having them as a main focus of activity for my children? Never ever.

I'm a Foreigner, and as such, i am grateful for everyone pointing out any mistakes in my english posted above - only this way i'll be able to improve. thank you!

I don't plan to ''introduce'' him to gaming, but if he/she get's intrested in videogames im going to stop him and say, wait a minute, if you're going to play these then you should know these... *cleans NES dust*.

Definitely. I plan on raising them with Video Games, Japanese Cartoons and Heavy Metal. They'll turn out great for sure!

I have two girls 18 and 8...and several nephews that are between 6 and 14. First off, I have said this multiple times to friends...if I had the choice between my kids playing a videogame or watching TV...I would prefer that they play a videogame. They at least need to think while playing videogame.

I play videogames with all of them, the girls dont play much on their own, they prefer to make videogames more social...we play SingStar, dancing or music games, Start he Party, Carnival Island, etc.The boys play on their own moslty or with each other, but they do like it when I am around to watch them, talk about the game or show me how good they are doing. They moslty play FPSs or Assassin Creed type games.

Videogames are good, but like just about everything...they are only good in moderation. Staying up all night playing videogames may not be good practice (but cant hurt every now and again, I suppose), but playing an hour or two a day, that would probably be a good thing...especially if the only alternative is watching TV.

I'll raise them to join the Nintendo Defence Force :D

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