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What would you give for Nintendo to be #1 again this gen?

500 dollars 1,316 72.35%
Kidney 2 0.11%
Soul 9 0.49%
virginity 16 0.88%
Your favorite puppy 6 0.33%
Your 1,000 dollar copy of Xenoblades 8 0.44%
An hour of your time 26 1.43%
Other ( post below) 6 0.33%
....Left testicle.... 13 0.71%
Pezus's freedom 22 1.21%
Salnax said:
Mario Tennis should be pretty big in Japan. The N64 game alone sold over a million units. Other iterations haven't been as popular, but I'm still expecting Mario Tennis Open to at least reach the 300,000 to 500,000 range in Japan alone.

I'm thinking FE will sell a quarter million in Japan alone. Dragon Quest Monsters could sell a million, but since its a remake I think, it could have some trouble reaching that number.

Other than Mario Tennis 64 there is really no big push for the series in Japan. But seeing how the 3DS is big business over there right now, I will agree.



New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis (Wii)

Release Date: 09th Mar 09
Published by: Nintendo
Screenshots | Cheats

Critic Score
User Score
Total Sales

Mario Tennis (N64)

Release Date: 28th Aug 00
Published by: Nintendo
Screenshots | Cheats

Critic Score
User Score
Total Sales

Mario Power Tennis (GC)

Release Date: 08th Nov 04
Published by: Nintendo
Screenshots | Cheats

Critic Score
User Score
Total Sales

Mario Tennis (GB)

Release Date: 02nd Feb 01
Published by: Nintendo
Screenshots | Cheats

Critic Score
User Score
Total Sales

Mario Tennis: Power Tour (GBA)

Release Date: 05th Dec 05
Published by: Nintendo
Screenshots | Cheats

Critic Score
User Score
Total Sales
Not sure why this is not formatting like it used to. I guess I will Just have to start using the new database here.

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Busy day at PAX it seems!



Off-screen Mario Tennis Open videos

April 7th, 2012 Posted in 3DS, Posted by Valay, Videos

Mario Tennis Open is one of many titles Nintendo has brought to PAX East. You can find some off-screen footage of it below.





Feast Your Eyes On These New Assassin’s Creed 3 Screenshots


Ubisoft has unleashed a couple of new Assassin’s Creed 3 screenshots to feast your eyes on. Assassin’s Creed 3 is due out on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on October 31st in Europe and October 30th in North America. The company has yet to announce when we will be seeing the Wii U version, but hopefully we won’t have too long to wait for it.










The guy who says Pegi 12 in this video sounds like a tard...



Heroes of Ruin looks more polished in this new video for the hack’n slash 3DS game’s Alchitect clash — there’s little slowdown or other problems people noticed in early clips.

I am still a little concerned that this game will have trouble standing out from similar dungeon crawlers like Diablo and Torchlight, but it’s not like there are many other handheld titles that promise this kind of experience with four-player online co-op.

Preorder: Heroes of Ruin (June 26) Find: Nintendo DS/3DS release dates, discounts, & more See also: More Heroes of Ruin posts

Wow, that shrunk a lot.


about 4 hours ago

Kirby ballons at the dollar store for my nintendo news thread.


My personal picture! Might even make Scottie proud...







GameStop - LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, Spirit Camera: Cursed Memoirs preorder bonuses

Bonus Item GS Lex Luthor Mini Figurine
Preorder Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes and get the GameStop exclusive GS Lex Luthor Mini Figurine!

Online Customers: Mini Figurine will ship with game.
Store/In-Store Pickup Customers: Mini Figurine will be available at time of game pickup.

Bonus Item A pair of the Hype Comfort Plus Earphones free!
Pre-Order / Purchase Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir and get a pair of the Hype Comfort Plus Earphones free!

Online Customers: Head phones will ship within 2 days of pre-order / purchase.
Store / In-Store Pickup Customers: Head phones will be available at time of pre-order / purchase.

Thanks to GrubberGamer for the heads up








More PAX fun!







Rumor: Some GameStops Have Pandora’s Tower in System?

Rumor: Please take this as strictly a rumor until we state otherwise.

Ok so we are hearing reports that Pandora’s Tower is in the system of certain GameStop stores. We are hearing this from various people, and even GoNintendo reported on this. As of right now, we are unable to confirm this. But we are of course hopeful!

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spurgeonryan said:



One of them must be Tads! XD

Carl is a Piplup hater and deserves to be punished eternally.

Joelcool7 said:
I partially agree Spurge. THQ is in financial trouble though I do expect the company to remain operational till mid 2014 at the earliest bankcrupcy. THQ is taking tons of steps to cut costs and reduce its debt.

Udraw was a huge success on Wii. But THQ was stupid and tried to launch it on the HD twins. Not only did they try launching it they manufactured millions of units which now sit in a warehouse and THQ can't give them away.

Dropping War hammer as an MMO was smart. It would have made a good MMO but their isn't room for more then a dozen MMO's in the industry and it seems everybody is going MMO. I think another reason the MMO genre was dropped is because the game is scheduled for release in 2014, my bet is THQ is on schedule but fears that future cuts between now and then could see the game scrapped. So to ensure the game is finished and brought to market they are ditching the MMO genre and likely starting to wrap the game up. I suspect by spring 2013 the War Hammer title will be complete. The question is will THQ maintain the 2014 release date or push it up to 2013?

I think THQ can make it assuming they do not make the jump to NextBox/PS4. Their upcoming games all look incredible and I am positive their high quality approach is capable of saving the company.

I'd say THQ should put everything its got behind Nintendo. 3DS should start receiving some THQ high quality titles based on either new IP or existing THQ IP. Nintendo WiiU should receive THQ's full support every single THQ game should appear on WiiU and THQ should provide a few exclusives including titles like WiiUdraw, enabling the remaining staff from the Udraw teams to scrape together one last game. THQ could have a team of ten working on future Udraw software for WiiU a lot of it could be DLC for the WiiUdraw title.

THQ has some amazing stuff coming up. If they face having to cancel any further games they should resort to putting out of use IP up for sale and selling any and all licenses that aren't currently being used.

THQ should liquidate any nonessential intellectual properties before making any further cuts. If further cuts are required THQ needs to shed support staff and not developers they cannot cancel more games or cut corners on the quality. They need the 2013 lineup to be huge and for the remaining 2012 lineup to sell well as well.

But I do have hope for THQ!

I will say one thing. Wrestling is popular again "right now"! So they should get a game out soon if they want to capitalize on this. Do they even make Wrestling games anymore?

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Last news of the night for me.



PAX East 2012 - StreetPass at the big show




Zelda Beta Feature: Legend of Zelda NES

written by Crono

Along with releasing concept artwork for most of the games, I will also be creating in-depth articles of the development of certain titles and showcasing beta/prototype screenshots. To kick things off, I decided to do a rather quick and simple feature. There is not much known about the development of the original Zelda game aside from a few interviews and concept art, and there is even less material in terms of screenshots.

Originally in the Legend of Zelda, the cave that Link enters to obtain his sword he had the option of the Wooden Sword or the Boomerang. These are the only two screenshots available to show this. It is unknown why the designers intended this as if Link would be able to beat a few of the dungeons without the sword (which is technically possible). The message actually says something along the lines of “Take your favorite weapon”.

Next up is a supposed beta screenshot of Aquamentus (first boss). If you look very closely you can notice that he has wings, and the area is also somewhat different. The blocks are of a different style and the color is different as well. Check it out and compare to the final version below.

And here’s another one of Gleeok. Notice the patterns in the dungeon design, he also dropped a bomb for Link, something that doesn’t occur in the final version.

Here’s an interesting one. This old animated gif shows off Link entering dungeon 3 with a different layout than the original and he has the Magic wand equipped early on in the game. You will also notice that the icon for Link’s bombs is missing.

These screenshots actually come from this old promotional video of the Famicom system. Check it out below to view some beta videos of the original Legend of Zelda. Along with that is actual in game footage of a beta version which includes animation, gameplay videos and more!



Now, lets take a look at some of the concept art from the developers.

Here are some quotes explaining the Second quest and the creation of this game and the world of Hyrule!

Iwata: In order to fit in as many dungeons as possible given the limited memory, you were making them like you were doing a puzzle.
Nakago: Right. Tezuka-san said, “I did it!” and brought this to me. I created the data exactly in line with it, but then Tezuka-san made a mistake and only used half of the data. I said, “Tezuka-san, there’s only half here. Where did the other half go?” and he was like, “What?! Oops, I messed up…” But Miyamoto-san said it was fine just like that.
Tezuka: Heh heh heh. (laughs)
Nakago: So, using the half of the memory that was left over, we decided to create the Second Quest.

The first thing I thought about was a game that made use of the Disk System’s function of rewriting data so that two players could each create their own dungeons and make the other player solve them. We actually created such a game, and when I played it, I felt it was very fun playing in the dungeons themselves. So we put together a game with a series of dungeons underneath mountains distributed around Death Mountain for a single player to solve them. But we also wanted it to feature a world above, so we added forests and lakes, and so Hyrule Field took form gradually.
Now, we didn’t decide the game’s title from the very beginning either. Originally, I wanted it to be “The Legend of X,” but I couldn’t find the appropriate word for the “X.” Then, the planner to whom we assigned the PR project suggested we did a story book of the game.

The Prototype
A few years back, an alleged prototype of Zelda released online. It was said this was an early build of the original version of the game (on the Famicom) and had different room layouts, different sprites, new music and a few glitches here and there. Secrets were also in different locations in both the overworld and the dungeons. You can check out some of the differences below!

Yep, Ganon originally had no color scheme to his design. For a complete list of details and differences between the final version and this prototype, check out Proto: The Legend of Zelda. You can also check out some videos below for some gameplay of the prototype!




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"Advanced 3D Graphics!" *Shows 2D Game* XD

Carl is a Piplup hater and deserves to be punished eternally.

Well, maybe just one more! :)



Xenoblade Chronicles director talks turn-based experiments, and the future of JRPGs

- the game's battle system was based around the idea of the main character being able to see into the future and dodge upcoming attacks

"I can’t really explain very well how I came up with that idea. I thought that it would be more interesting to incorporate the ability to see the future into the game using a real-time battle system. I did experiment with a turn-based system that included the ability to see the future, but it didn’t go very well.

I think that the story has changed so much, even in its small details, that I can’t remember all the different ways that it has changed. However, the overall plot structure remained the same all the way through.

The reason I created a huge environment to explore was because I believed that type of design was necessary to express the world of this game. Of course, for the development of a game of this scale, the skills of many different staff members are required. The biggest challenge for me was directing the passionate forces of this large group of people toward a single goal." Takahashi also stressed the importance of debugging and devoted as much time as he could to polishing the final product." - Tetsuya Takahashi, Executive Director

Takahashi also discussed how he plans to tackle the JRPG genre from here on out.

"I don’t think that we can single-handedly do anything for the grouping of games known as JRPGs. On the other hand, I think the only path that we ourselves can take is to keep making games that people, regardless of which country they’re from, will find interesting regardless of genre. The support that we get from players of this game should help us in our efforts to develop games for new hardware."


Aliens: Colonial Marines - PAX East campaign impressions




Coming Soon April 2012



Towards the end is Xenoblade.










Nintendo Responds To Claims of the Wii U’s Shortcomings

There’s been a bit of a hitch in the giddy-up of Nintendo‘s upcoming Wii U as of late. While the company initially claimed that the system would be on par with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, a recent interview with unnamed developers challenged that claim. It’s a bit of a sticky situation to be in, so of course, Nintendo has tailored a response to the Wii U’s alleged shortcomings. Given the company’s history, their statement, given by a representative of Nintendo of America, is not surprising:

“We do not focus on technology specs. We understand that people like to dissect graphics and processing power, but the experience of playing will always be more important than raw numbers.”

It’s an interesting way to respond, since it is in no way confirming or denying anything. It is worth remembering that since departing from the 8-bit era, Nintendo’s consoles have never housed the epitome of graphical technology, and the Wii was an attempt to get around this consistent problem by taking itself out of direct competition with the monolithic consoles of Sony and Microsoft. Now, it seems their attempt to slot themselves back into the market alongside the “hardcore” consoles is hampered once again by graphical limitations.

Yet it may be that a little too much focus is being set on this shortcoming. The Wii U’s design makes it possible for some extremely unique gameplay capabilities, and some developers, such as Gearbox‘s Randy Pitchford, have stated how excited they are to be working with the Wii U.

Well, RipTenners, let your voice be heard: are the Wii U’s graphical capabilities really that important? What do you think about the way Nintendo is handling the situation? And how much weight to you give to the word of an unnamed developer?

via [IGN]












Where Were You 20 Years Ago Wireless-Super-Nintendo-Controller-Mod?

Before the advent of wireless controllers video game consoles were built like tanks to survive the countless times they'd be inevitably yanked to the ground when someone tripped over a cable. If only the wireless technology needed for this hack existed twenty years ago.

The mod isn't for the hacking feint of heart. You'll need to do a lot of fitting, wiring, and soldering work on a Super Nintendo controller to get all the components squeezed inside. Including the addition of a power switch, emitter, and an LED power indicator. But the effort is totally worth it for the handful of persons who still keep a functioning SNES hooked up to a TV instead of using the Virtual Console on the Wii.

[Imgur via GoNintendo]









Top 5 Nintendo franchises that should be resurrected on 3DS

Product: Nintendo 3DS
Fans clamoured for it and Nintendo listened - a sequel to Kid Icarus is now among us and it's good. Pocket Gamer Silver Award good, actually.

After recovering from the excitement of a classic franchise being reinvigorated in this fashion, we got thinking about all the other iconic Nintendo series we'd like new entries for on 3DS.

So, come on, Miyamoto-san, we want a new...


We haven't had a new portable F-Zero title since 2004, despite a dedicated following and the continued popularity of futuristic racers amongst core gamers (see WipEout 2048 and Ion Racer for proof).

The 3DS would make a brilliant home for a new entry in the F-Zero canon. The screen's sharpness, especially in comparison to the fuzzy polygons of the original DS, is perfect for displaying the hard lines of the Blue Falcon and the rest of the pulp sci-fi-inspired craft.

Imagine how much more heightened that sensation of speed would be with the 3D cranked way up. Trackside objects and corners of dazzlingly colourful raceways would benefit hugely from the effects of the autostereoscopic 3D tech.

Nintendo needs another community-driven game if it wants to keep people playing its titles together. With online multiplayer and time trial leaderboards, F-Zero could well be that title. And, well, I just hate hiatuses.


This just has to happen. We heard vague rumblings of a new Pikmin game for the DS ages ago, and in January a retailer accidentally listed a new title, before apologising and removing it.

There's no reason it wouldn't work on Nintendo's newest portable gizmo, either. There aren't exactly an abundance of strategy games on the platform, after all.

Taking advantage of the console's touchscreen for unit control, a Circle Pad for smooth camera positioning, and the 3D display to bring the lush environments to life, Pikmin could jump-start interest in this particular genre on 3DS.

It's not like there's a new Nintendo Wars for us to sink our teeth into, is there? Hmmm... while we're at it, we want another one of those, too, please, Mr Iwata.

Yoshi's Island

Each of the Yoshi platformers has played with the concept of 3D in some way. Whether it was via fluid animation mixing with system-pushing polygonal objects, or via 2.5D sprites traversing a gorgeous, vibrant world, these titles showcased what 2D jump-'em-ups still had to offer.

Again, the 3DS's glasses-free 3D would be a perfect technical fit for this game. Throw in a load of the more ingenious perspective tricks in Super Mario 3D Land and you've got yourself a winner.

A cute and playful 2D platformer that isn't massively taxing sounds like something we could do with right about now, especially considering Rayman Origins on Vita did such a fine job of proving the genre is still relevant.


It's time for Nintendo to step up and give it to us straight - whether we like the answer or not. Are we ever going to see another Mother game?

Because, if we are, we want it on the 3DS. The series has always featured delightful 16-bit graphics, sure, but the added grunt of Ninty's latest handheld could lead to some exciting and unique visual twists in this game... to match the inventive dialogue and narrative.

It also represents a chance for someone to inject life into the stagnant portable JRPG market. And who better to do so than Nintendo and HAL Laboratory, at the helm of a cult favourite.

But, if we didn't get an entirely new game, a collection of the trilogy translated into English would do just fine, instead.


Infinity Blade on iPhone improved upon the basic premise of recognising signals from an opponent and reacting to them. You know: the one that Punch-Out!! popularised. So, if this relatively straightforward idea still works in an iOS game, it'll work on 3DS, too.

For Nintendo to have a shot at taking the title back from the current champ Chair Entertainment, all it need look towards are the latest Kid Icarus and the Inazuma Eleven series.

Firstly, we need a contender we can wholeheartedly root for, so a full, anime-inspired story arc featuring Little Mac's rise to glory would be perfect.

Then, taking a leaf out of our fantasy football playbook, we'd want a title that went deeper, with RPG and management elements to improve your boxer and to then take on the world in multiplayer.

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NintendoPie said:


"Advanced 3D Graphics!" *Shows 2D Game* XD

That's Mode 7, baby! That shits practically 3D!

Sal.Paradise said:
NintendoPie said:


"Advanced 3D Graphics!" *Shows 2D Game* XD

That's Mode 7, baby! That shits practically 3D!

Back then I was amazed with all the progress that they had made. I did not even see the Vchip stuff until after I had my 64. Still Star Fox Snes was nothing great, just interesting.

F-Zero was great!

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spurgeonryan said:
Sal.Paradise said:
NintendoPie said:


"Advanced 3D Graphics!" *Shows 2D Game* XD

That's Mode 7, baby! That shits practically 3D!

Back then I was amazed with all the progress that they had made. I did not even see the Vchip stuff until after I had my 64. Still Star Fox Snes was nothing great, just interesting.

F-Zero was great!

Man, the sense of speed when you first played F Zero, I couldn't believe it. I'm surprised you didn't like Star Fox, do you not like the series or was it just that first entry?