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HBO and New Line follow Time Warner and go exclusively to Blu-Ray.


Source - http://news.teamxbox.com/xbox/15432/HBO-New-Line-Switch-to-Bluray-Exclusivity/ 

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This is hardly surprising as they are both Warner subsidiaries. Would anyone expect anything different?

It would be really funny if they both switched to HD DVD.

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The news site posted 1/09/08, how is that old??? (at least now I get an idea of your IQ) :P

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New Line is old, HBO was today.

This is expected. New Line Pictures and H.B.O. are subsidiary companies of Time Warner.



Yeah , HBO was expected ... still many movie series bufs will go now blu to , because of titles like 6 feet under and Rome :D

So, what's left for HD-DVD........?

I'm afraid this format war is coming to an end, with Blu-Ray as its winner.

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One could say Blu-Ray has the edge now, but I think there's a market for DVD players that support both. That could effectively kill the format war. I saw one priced for around $400 or $600, though it hasn't hit the market yet. I wish I still had the link.