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kain_kusanagi said:
Oh, give me a break.

FF13 was not designed to appeal to western gamers. Look at western RPGs, they are big, open worlds with true freedom. FF and most JRPGs have false freedom and restricted worlds even if it feels open ended. If anything FF13 was designed to more appeal to Japanese gamers tastes by focuses on character development, story, and turn based battles. Oh and let's not forget cinematic flare, something western RPGs tend to sacrifice for expanding world detail and freedom. If it had been designed with western gamers in mind it would have featured real time combat, an optional first person mode, and a character designer.

Oh and the game was worked on as a PS3 exclusive for nearly all of it's development process. It wasn't until the game was nearly finished and they had already cut what they were going to cut and already had finalized what they were going to put in that the game was hastily ported to the 360. The 360 and the western market was an after thought. In fact I'd be willing to bet that the game was basically finished and was delayed for the port because Microsoft has a rule that all multiplatform games must be released on the same day or before other versions unless they contain extra features. FF13 was designed for Japan then localized and ported. That is all. It would have been the same game had it been PS3 exclusive and only released in Japan.

This is a blatant lie.

ff13 was actually primarily developed for ps2, which is why it was in development for so long, which is why it had to be multi-plat to recoup the dev losses, which is why there is an ff13-2, which is why versus is taking forever because they are trying to recoup losses with the same game that nobody really wants (well, I like it but still).

Also, I was just joking when I said it was a blatant lie.

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Iveyboi said:
oniyide said:
Iveyboi said:
A year or two ago I would have said maybe but giving it much thought the answer is no. Square Enix failed this gen period, partially by favouring the 360, but mostly due to trying to cater to a Western audience and failing (Western audiences either want Skyrim, or Xenoblade Chronicles, not a hybrid).

it wasnt even a hybrid, I dont know what the hell it was, but it played very little like WRPGS or even most JRPGS

@OP, man you dont know what you're talking about. 1st off, MS was the one to approach SE about gettng the game on 360. 2nd The design decisions were made LONG before they even decided to go multiplat. So no 360 didnt hurt the brand. Funny how the  brand was not hurt when 11 was released on 360.

My awful spelling fixed. I feel like FF13-2 played like a hybrid (13 did not at all aka no open world), and that most games that they released this gen feel like a forced hybrid of WRPG and JRPG (3rd birthday, Dissidia, etc.). Star Ocean 4 was one of the few true JRPGs this gen from them (IMO).

Infinite Undiscovery possibly (for the 360) and MAYBE Last Remnant were also traditional JRPGs, but both games were a little underwhelming

Dissidai is a fighting game, why do people keep bringing that game up?? Havent played 3rd birthday, or any of the other games truth be told. Havent heard great things.  Thank god for PS1 classics, PSP, and DS or I dont know how I will be getting my JRPG fix.  and the obsucre PS3 titles

Can someone answer this for me: How many discs does FF13-2 have for the xbox?

FF XIII was in development for 4 years before it even was announced as a multiplat game. --> No.

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FF XIII was crap, people bought because of the hype and it was the first next gen FF.
We can see XIII-2 that it decrease in all 3 region especially Japan. X and X-2 had a much better attach rate than 13 and 13-2.
Your statement is only valid for 13-2 because they compromised the game by fitting it all in 1 dvd.
13 had 3 dvds, we can see xiii-2 was clearly made to accommodate the 360.

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i agree. ff xiii was a game that was intended to feel like western game as a fps (the producer said this) so they wanted to create a western standards jrpg for 360 players although the recipe was a failure .Square-enix was dreaming a success as the CoD series in the west.they wanted this game to appeal to everyone and that 's something difficult

It will never be westernized with those characters. I personally have not issues but we hear it often even in this forum that people do not like the look of these characters.
I know its nitpicking but if you have to use a character you don't like for the whole game, people will not buy it.
All these wrpgs are space marines/ warriors much more traditional "MAN" characters.
This is my opinion.

Quickly googled how many discs FF13-2 takes for the xbox and it said 1. Wow I actually believe now Yes xbox ruined FF13-2 at least. No pre-rendered cut scenes is one and I was wodering why areas such as Gran Pulse weren't so grand as they were on 13.

No I really doubt that!


It's run it's course, simple. As an exclusive it would have been better in fanboy minds only.

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