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The main reason why people are saying that the PS3 has no games ("the PSP has no games" is also pretty common I think) is that you can get the same games and/or the same gameplay on other systems which feature a wider selection of these same games and gameplay for less money. In the case of the PS3 that would be the 360 (PSP's "rival" is the PS2).

It's basically just another way (a trollish one) to say that the system doesn't have enough unique games to justify spending money on the (expensive) system itself, because there is a better (and cheaper) alternative available. A few exclusives don't seem to mean much to a lot of gamers.

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Auron said:
360 has no games and that's a fact.

not sure if youre being sarcastic or just stupid but the xbox has a great line up.... jus got mine a couple of days ago and have decided to spent a nice little proportion of my student loan on various games! due to ownership of all 3 consoles i dnt think i will have a life in 08 and will probably fail my degree... life is harsh

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Auron said:
360 has no games and that's a fact.


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boilermaker11 said:
at the end of the day, the point I'm trying to get at is if people want to still say "PS3 has no games" then they should have been, and still should be, saying the same thing about the Wii since launch

 Well if we look past people just trying to troll, there can be good reasons to say any system has no games, and that it sucks. Mostly these reasons stem from an inability to think of what other people might want. This is very common on message boards about video games due to the average age of the visiter.

As an example of what I am talking about, I could say the PS3 and 360 have almost no good games. I can back this up because I don't care for most of the games on the system. I don't like shooters or racing games, and don't particularly care for most button mashing action/adventure games. This knocks a lot out of both libraries, but does not do either console justice.

In the end you are right, but even your initial list of games shows how peoples opinions can differ. Just try to inform those who speak without considering other peoples view points, and ignore the dumb trolls I say.

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jjseth said:
Troll_Monster said:
Personally I like the type of games available on the PS3, while the games on the Wii simply don't appeal to me, so based on what appeal to me, it's the wii that has no games.

That's how I see it myself. There is nothing that the Wii has that really intrigues me or makes me want to have one.

The games that are on the PS3 to appeal to me and I've been busy playing games on the PS3 and enjoying every moment of it.

I respect that for me it's the same situation except the PS3 has nothing I really want.. and I've purchased 1 wii game and have 3 on preorder this year(2008) alone so far.. As for PS3 I'm questioning why I bought it.


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I do have a question, Is it possible for someone to post all the titles per game system that haves a million or above sales?

kind of like...


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Playstation 3

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Both have lots of good games, I have both, but the wii has the better games from my collection

I think they're both suffering from a lack of games at the moment. They've both got a few quality titles but they each need a catalogue of at least 50 great titles before I'd say x console has lots of good games. At the end of the day it all comes down to individual preference. Some people may own 50 games that they enjoy on the Wii or PS3 but I think most people would really struggle.

Sony deserves all the hate people can give it right now. It has damaged this industry with the PS3. Microsoft and Nintendo both came out with platforms that can be developed for using standard programming techniques and code that can be relatively easily ported from one platform to another. Sony didn't. They came out with a system that broke away from the standards and which caused companies to have spend millions of dollars in extra development money just to get the same games out across the various platforms.

 I believe this was a calculated strategy to close down the competition. They knew very well that games that were made to really take advantage of the PS3 could not be easily (inexpensively) ported to the other systems. Making games that took full advantage of both the PS2 and the original XBox was a cakewalk compared to what it is with the PS3 and 360. All they had to do was rely on their name to get people to buy the PS3 over the other platforms, and it would be a done deal. They would have tons of exclusives, because it would simply cost more than it would be worth to port to a 360 or Wii system with a tiny install base.

 It's a strategy that's worked against them. Now developers are saying, "Forget it, we're not going to make our games exclusive for the PS3. We're going to make them for 360, and then we'll do as direct a port as possible to PS3 and not worry about making them take real advantage of that system. We're not going to recoup millions of extra dollars for each of our games on the PS3 simply by reprogramming our games to take full advantage of it, so why should we bother spending millions more? We're going to keep our code as close as possible between the two versions." 

If someone already has a 360, the PS3's exclusive offerings are pretty small. Therefore, if you don't have a PS3 but already have a 360, the PS3 catalog is not enough for most people to want to buy the console. And, out of the exclusives, most good games are very short. Uncharted, Heavenly sword, Resistence... all short.

The Wii and the 360 share no good games with each other, so the Wii has more to offer to the omnivore 360. Now, if all games must feature guns, a sports license or licensed cars, then the Wii catalog can stink too.

As of today, I have all three. I have 18 360 games, 25 Wii games, and 3 PS3 games. The PS3 gets more use as a PS2, but I have hopes for the future.