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i was got dead island, pop in the first thing started playing and i reach the elevator scene and then i hear what is a support character voice speaking to me, i straight away noticed that he was speaking in a new zealander accent so i was like okay a new zealand accent thats different for european game. Then as i move on i hear a australian accent and i was okay at first. 

But the voice acting is Horredous, really really bad. Its like they worte there lines from only watching some parodies of the australian accent and they have the voice actors i am sure techland just went down to there local backpackers hostle in Poland and got them from there so they deliever the lines like amatures. 

But basically words cant describe the embrassing nature that is the voice acting and i am dissapointed that we hava a major game with alot of australian/new zealander voice acting that has been screwed up so bad. Well i can probably say that its worst than american voice acting from japanese games. 

Of Course That's Just My Opinion, I Could Be Wrong

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If I played games for the voice acting I would have quit gaming along time ago.

i feel bad for you for listening to that "Its a Masterpiece" review and getting this game, Well its a Master Piece Of Shit , if you ask me! , even the ending is shit.

okay i'm overracting a bit, and acting like Angry Video Game Nerd , but i'm not really that far off, it gets boring after very few minutes.