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The August 2011 edition of the Official Playstation Magazine Italy has hinted at the existence of the long-awaited Syphon Filter 4, with the title reportedly gearing up for a release in Winter 2012.

Fans of the stealthy third-person shooting franchise have been clambering for information regarding a new iteration following a supposed leak on the official US Playstation website – in which details of the sequel and a rough logo were accidently posted and quickly taken down. 

Syphon Filter 4 is rumored to be a sequel to PSP title Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow and is in development at SCE London Studio – it will also utilize a visually advanced engine. The respected publication revealed that the title will release exclusively for PS3 in Q4 2012, corresponding with previous rumors which surfaced in June, 2011. Check out the translated rumor below.

”Syphon Filter 4 is slowly gearing up for a release on PS3. Expect a launch for Winter 2012.”




maybe will hear more about it at tgs


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obviously no one is interested >_>


iBlah said:
obviously no one is interested >_>

because these rumors don't mean anything since we already know its coming

and i'm the biggest SF fan here

didn't get to play the first 3 so i'm looking forward to this one. and its labor day wht did you expect

this thread should see some hits tomorrow

Can't wait to see this, fond memories of watching my neighbour play it when I was young, maybe I'll actually get the chance to play it this time


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Another AAA exclusive. Sony is going to dominate the end-game of this generation.

I actually think this is likely. This was rumored a few years ago in the same article with SOCOM 4. The SOCOM 4 rumor was true. Syphon Filter probably is too.

I've never played any of the past Syphon Filters, but I hope this rumor is true. This gen has been lacking in some good ol' Stealth action.

Metal Gear Solid 4 is the only good stealth game I can think of. Splinter Cell: Conviction was a good action game, but it was definitely lacking in the Stealth department. SOCOM 4 turned into a action game as well. Even my beloved Hitman looks to be following the same trend. *sigh* Here's hoping this stays true to it's roots if it does release.