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My friend at Rockstar Games told me that Niko Bellic the slavic immigrant from GTA 4 will be murdered in GTA 5.

I was just wondering if you guys know anything about that? maybe it's leaked already and im too late. i just dont come here a lot.

BTW this is not a troll post.

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I doubt we will ever see Niko Bellic again.

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Attoyou said:
I doubt we will ever see Niko Bellic again.

hopefully,he's annoying as hell imo.

I demand that Liberty City and Niko Bellic are never seen in a GTA game again. I also want all the gitty removed as well.

I want the over the top missions that are really fun to play with a array of interesting characters. I also want a entirely new area but san andreas style with the 3+ more cities with each its own variety and different areas inbetween. Actually i dont care if they just remake san andreas and keep to its toony missions but make the cities larger and more detailed as well as the country side.

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bring Tommy Vercetti back...

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Attoyou said:
I doubt we will ever see Niko Bellic again.

Pretty sure we are gonna see him again, but just as a cameo, just like in tBoGT. Hell, maybe not even a mission with him.

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i actually thought nico bellic was pretty good character.

anyone who liked rdr but did not like gta 4 is crazy imo

He wont be the main character, so if they decide to cameo him to kill him off thats fine, he was dull as dish water anyway, hope they bring back some of the humour that was clearly lost in GTA4

TT Makaveli said:
bring Tommy Vercetti back...

Agreed :)

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I will take any GTA I can get, it has been far too long