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Is he pulling a Steve Jobs here by making the most uninteresting thing interesting and dreamy?

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Of course submarines are awesome! They're what you get when a ninja has sex with a warship.

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piloting a submarine is every mans dream? maybe a real one but in a game? lol

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Nintendo seems to be subtly trying to push this game. Reggie just said in Nintendo Power, that Steel Diver was his "can't miss" game out of the launch library and people who skipped it would be "a missed opportunity".

I'm just not sure people these days care that much about submarines. Since most games now days are about space marines, maybe Steel Diver 2 can have Space Submarines? I'd buy that.


The 3D porn that comes out of my 55" TV via my PS3 is every mans dream. Pilotting a submarine hasn't been every mans dream since the 40s. Most men would rather have the 3DS for purposes other than pilotting a submarine. I don't think he has his logic correct.

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RolStoppable said:

Your title doesn't match the content of the thread and submarines are boring.

Australia is basically Germany. You should love Das Boot!

badgenome said:
RolStoppable said:

Your title doesn't match the content of the thread and submarines are boring.

Australia is basically Germany. You should love Das Boot!

The main theme of that movie is good, I'll give you that.

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 I had a dream that i was in a submarine the same night that the Kursk disaster happened in Russia. I woke up the next morning and realised that I was psychic.

ot- no

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I rather have a 3D Wave Race or my Pilot Wings fix.

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