Where will de Blob 2 sell best???

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Where will de Blob 2 sell best???

On The Wii! 122 57.01%
On the PS3! 19 8.88%
On the Xbox360! 18 8.41%
It won't sell well! 33 15.42%
Who cares! 22 10.28%

If there's one word most would use to describe de Blob, it'd be 'flop'

(Well, would that be right? After a very, VERY slow start, it's sitting at around 850k now, and with the launch of the sequel, maybe a million isn't impossible...)

For me, de Blob stands for inginuity, but te sequel screams out to me as 'prove it'

de Blob 2 is a niche game. It's going multi-platform. All consoles are at a level playing field with this game. So where will it sell more?

We've heard a lot over the years how 'core' games don't sell on Wii, so will de Blob 2 smash the wii version? Or will the Wii version outsell it? It's too late for change, but if developers gave the Wii chances...

Pah, that's another thread. What I want to know is, where will de Blob2 sell the best, and how much will it sell?

For me:

Wii-1 million




I feel as though niche games sell better on Wii, despite what developers say. Niche games are niche. They need advertising...

So, what do you reckon? Where will de Blob 2 sell the best?


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De Blob 2 will NEVER reach more than 400.000 sales on PS3/Xbox360 combinend.

z101 said:

De Blob 2 will NEVER reach more than 400.000 sales on PS3/Xbox360 combinend.


How so?


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

I have a feeling that by going multiplatform they won't increase their audience as much as they might hope, and they will merely segment it.

I expect the Wii version to sell more over time, but at least one of the HD versions may have a better opening, which will lead to all kinds of fun in the forums....


woo first for the 360 vote... but wii


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It'll sell best on Wii, but it won't sell well at all.

I reckon it'll sell worse across all 3 platforms than the first did on Wii, which would be quite ironic.

well i bought de blob on the the wii and if i were to buy the sequel i will buy it on ps3 instead.

but i really don't think it will sell.  i only got half way through the game. it was horribly repetitive, and boring after a few levels.  LTD on all platforms will be less than what de blob sold imo.

bad game is bad.

You forgot about NDS!

Saleswise, i don`t really know. I will be surprised if it doesn`t sell better on Wii and NDS, than on PS3 and Xbox 360. I believe this game will sell well, probably above the 750.000-1M LTD on all consoles. More on the 750.000 range, though.

On the Wii...but it won't sell well. Like 300k LT.

Probably on the Wii.  There's a bigger audience for platformers.

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