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oniyide said:

petitions dont really work, i wish to all heavens it did. as for SC, its funny how some people say that the last good one was 2 and they havent even owned or probably played the latter, and if they sucked so bad?? why do you want them anyway??? and people are still crying about SC3 being PS2 exclusive??? yeahthat sucked but trust me on this you didnt miss nothing that was the most unbalanced one the the series

Actually, SCIII's balance was being PS2 first, arcade second, while previous games on the consoles were "fixed" versions of the arcade games. So III should be on the Wii, but based on the fixed arcade game (while still having the PS2 version's features).

A flashy-first game is awesome when it comes out. A great-first game is awesome forever.

Plus, just for the hell of it: Kelly Brook at the 2008 BAFTAs

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Cobra_ said:
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KylieDog said:

If you want a game bad enough buy the console it is on.


I don't particularly want a 3DS, but it has two exclusive Resident Evil games so I will be buying one.

Except the sales of the HD systems show people aren't following that dictim, at least not in the amount Wii hating developers want.


Yeah, they whine for a port to their console, hence my suggestion.  If they would devote whone time to work time instead they could probably make the money for every console this gen in a couple weeks.

I only made this thread because I thought it was an interesting topic (I'm not even sure I'd buy a Wii version - I'm not a fan so the quality would have to convince me), but I'll take your comment personally and reply.

Because I don't even own every game I want to play on Wii (or on Gamecube, or on PS2) I see no point in buying two new toys I won't have enough time to play with, and on top of that a new TV because I still didn't find a reason for owning a non-CRT one, but for an HD console I would naturally want one.

Buy every toy in the world if that makes you happy, but don't think it's the advice to give everyone who want to stick with their current toys but would like to play certain games on them.

(by the way, I might eventually get an HD console anyway... not because a game comes out for it but because of the library of games that already exists)

My sentiments exactly. If i hit the lottery tomorrow and also gave up my other hobbies, i would have a lot of Wii, a shitton of DS and Game Boy/Color/Advance, and a batch of GameCube and N64 games that i could buy before i'd have the time to invest in any other consoles (and likely i'd go for PSP or PS2 first. Both have a good bit of stuff i'm interested in)

Lack of time is as much of a factor of my Nintendo-only ness as my preference for Nintendo games and the kinds of games that tend to end up on Nintendo consoles. Hell, if i had dropped out of high school yet somehow retained money, i would've gotten a PS2 just for Phantasy Star Universe

Monster Hunter: pissing me off since 2010.

"If you want the game, buy XXX console for it."

That phrase bothers me to no end. Things don't just work out that simply. Some people may just feel that a title would work best on a specific console, whether it is due to graphical output, sales potential, or control usage. Others just do not wanna buy another console.

If they put RE6 on the N-Gage, I know for damn sure I'd at least ask where the PSP port is at. In this case, there is no valid reason why RE6 should be exclusive if it can be effectively done on another console as well.

Soul Calibur CAN WORK on a Nintendo console when done in standard fashion. SoulCalibur Legends was not created in standard fashion, nor was Castlevania Judgment. Both games perverted what each IP was generally known for, and had poor execution on top of it.

Everyone chooses to ignore the elephant in the room (SSBB). Tatsunoko vs Capcom sold 500,000, more than the PS2 & Xbox Marvel vs. Capcom 2 games combined. DBZ: BT3 sold 900k , and so did Naruto. These 2 games are licensed, but the benefit of the history behind the SC series would provide the same sales benefit; its a proven brand.

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@lordtheknight  why SHOULD SC3 be on Wii??? Does the Wii have some right to the game??? considering it was released on the PS2 which has the highest userbase of a console so far. Im pretty sure anyone wanting to play that game has done so. I port to Wii would flop hard unless they add some Major improvements, it would still flop as most late ports do. Like i said that game was not all that, gamers arent missing anything, and Namco would not benefit from doing such, if they were doing that why not give the Wii the damn SC4/BD that some are crying about not getting, SC4>SC3

@savior x I can see how you would think that a video game would work better on a certain system, but SC on Wii?? not seeing it. Tvs.C is a game I love but those are not impressive numbers. SSF4 sold bettter on PS3 alone with half the install base. DBZ & Naruto??? lets keep it real here those are mediocore fighting games at best. The ONLY reason they sell is because of the name, if you replaced all those characters with generic fighters, it wouldnt even sell half of what they sell. im not picking on Wii I thought ultimate ninja storm was boring as hell and I stopped played DBZ games after the 2nd one on PS2

Whoever said that "if you want X game buy X console"..knock it off with that advice. If the HD twins users don't do it, Wii don't have to also.

 The Mario example is absurd. That's a 1st party game. There are no excuses for 3d party games.I love Resident Evil 5 but I am not going to spend 300 dls in a console to play a game that can be ported to the Wii but it won't because the developers are a bunch of elitist douches. 3d parties have been treating wii users like lepers and we have all the rightto demand respect.

About online petitions, yes they hardly work but sometimes they do. In Poland there was a Facebook petition to broadcast Home alone on TV on xmas because the TV station refused and after gattering many signs at FB they decided to do it. It may be a lightning in the bottle but there is a chance.

About Soul Calibur....since the 3d part it is not what it used to be. Ditto with Tekken. I understand that SC4 didn't sell very well on the "almighty flawless HD twins" so I don't think that the 5th part will be any good. But who knows.

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--OkeyDokey-- said:

I thought Wii-only gamers were past the days of begging for third party titles. Sad.

Yeah, I did think Wii owners were satisfied with their librarys these days, you don't see HD fans doing this!*

* sans Epic Mickey


"why SHOULD SC3 be on Wii??? Does the Wii have some right to the game???"

I was merely commenting.

But if you insist, customers have a right (if in principle if not legal) to more games when they have shown they will buy them, and sales of similar games on the Wii show it's the developers holding back these games, not the customers.

EDIT: Also, I meant "should", not "would", as this is principle, not what is likely.

A flashy-first game is awesome when it comes out. A great-first game is awesome forever.

Plus, just for the hell of it: Kelly Brook at the 2008 BAFTAs

HD users do have to buy a Wii if they want to play Wii exclusives, the only diff. is that I hardly see them crying about having to do so. It seems that every other week is a Wii thread complaining about why some game is not coming to Wii. Your being dissed because some company doesnt make some game on YOUR system of choice. That sounds elitist to me. Its four years later and people are still complaining, its not going to change people, get over it. Dont buy the HD games but dont cry about it either, better luck next gen

Havent really seen any 3d fighters do well on Wii, sales or reception wise. THen again I havent seen a 3d fighter on Wii worth a damn IMO

Well I have both PS3 and 360 and I don't give two shits about this game for some reason....For all I care it could have been a wii exclusive.

But I will side with the nintendo guys on this one, why not make an old franchise such as this not available on the wii? Its a fighting game and since making games are supposed to be cheap for the wii they should probably do it. It might not sell as much but they will definitely end up having more fans.