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I came in this thread expecting it to be a thread about Rareware games, and I was all ready to list and brag about the dozens of games I own or once owned by them.

But if we're speaking actual "rare" games; up until recently I owned a hard copy of Bubble Bobble 2, which is apparently very hard to come by, and actually sold it on amazon for 90 bucks. Was quite a fun game, but not 90 bucks fun.

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Suikoden 1 is the only rare classic I have left.

I sold my  Nes through PS2 RPG collection slowly over the last couple years, I figured I wasn't using them why not let someone else have a turn.

I own a copy of Haze, there might less than 100 out there. And don't tell anyone , please.

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SNES i have: Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy III, Super Mario RPG, Mega Man X2, Castlevania IV, Kirbys Dreamland 3, Kirby Superstar, Breath of Fire, Pocky and Rocky, and Pocky and Rocky 2

PS1: Final Fantasy VII (black label)

N64: Harvest Moon


those are my rare games...don't know how "rare" they are but thats what i got


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bunch of stuff you've probably never heard of, Sengoku 3 (less than 500 in existence), Shining Force 3, games for the apf mp-1000 (I know it sounds like some sort of machine pistol, but it is a really obscure console), a bunch of Odyssey stuff, Bonk 3, Cartridge #4 (telstar arcade), A US amiga cd32,some junk for the Mattel Aquarius

and I have some of the rare trash on the snes, like BeBe's Kids, Chavez 2, and on the genesis, Aerobiz super sonic, Aero the acrobat 2, and some of the late nes games like Bubble Bobble part 2

though you should remember, rare is different from desirable, games like chronotrigger, final fantasy 7, megaman x3, etc aren't so much rare as the supply and demand reach equillibrium at a fairly high price, CHavez 2 and Aero the acroboat are definitely rare games as is the Aquarius junk, but because there is no demand, no one care


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I've got a European copy of Skies of Arcadia Legends, that's pretty rare.

Oh and FFVI Advance

I may just own you all? ^_^




Felix the Cat

River City Ransom

The Original Mario Bros. Arcade Classic series



Donkey Kong 1-3

Secret of Mana


Captain Commando

Final Fantasy 2

Zombies Ate My Neighbors


Sega Genesis =[

Shining Force


Nintendo 64

International Super Star Soccer 64

Diddy Kong Racing

Killer Instinct Gold

Mystical Ninja Staring Goemon

Banjo Tooie



Marvel vs Capcom

Crash Bandicoot

Resident Evil 1 (in original long box case)



Capcom Classics Collection

Mega Man Aniversary Collection

Call of Cthulhu

Fable The Lost Chapters

Shenmue 2

ScarFace: The World is Yours

treet Fighter Anniversary Collection



Shadow of the Colossus


Klonoa 2 Lunatea's Veil



There's a few more, but I'll stop there, also note this isn't all the games I own... just the ones I think are "rare".

I'm kinda proud of it. =]

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wow, I just bought Mystical Ninja 64 new too!.... but I'm planning to open it once I get my N64 back =)

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I dont think he meant Rareware games! I have odama, and aidyn chronicles. Little kings story was discontinued! It is selling alright now though? I can see how Cursed mountain and blob were stopped, but this?

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