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oh boy why dont they learn

Peer to Peer Match making system CRIPPLES GAMES!!!

Comming off playing 3 games all with Dedicated Servers (KZ2, MAG, BFBC2) the lag was noticed form the very first second. I wasn't happy. 

What made me more unhappy about the lag situation is that MW2 kinder fixed the issue. Yes it was a lag fest. But for PS3 owners had a great match making system (and PC dont know about 360) and it matched the right people and every game i played was 3-4 bars all the time. It still lagged but it was an improvement. 

Black ops takes a step back and its a shame. 

Whats worst about Peer to Peer is the frequent host disconnections and Lag is made worst with Wager matches. Try and play one in a chamber with lag. I just did and lost being the final guy because i lag so hard the host just walked in and pop me with no reaction from me. 

Black ops is an better game to MW2,, the story is an great improvement from the terrible story of MW2. The online has great maps and modes. Really The nuke map and one in the chamber is my fav (when its not screwing me over). 

Now while i am in rant mode. One in the Chamber is a ball on the low betting. So i recommend just play that. Step up to the next one and you have the biggest camp fest ever. And this is the first day!! think what a few months down the road. 

While COD BO online is an improvement its crippled by LAG, the series has always been. Why wont Activison offer servers at no extra cost like EA, SONY, MS etc. MAG is the most smoothest game i have ever played and it had 256 players at once!!!!!! and yet an 6v6 can be unplayable. 

If you are thinking of getting this game i recomend you know what you are getting into to. Most of the problems from MW2 and past COD are back. Which amazes me. You would think by the 7th title they would fix the same issues with Online that has been in the past 3 online games even more. 

This is my own opinion

If you are coming from online games with dedicated servers and  you are considering BO, think twice about the lag situation 

Of Course That's Just My Opinion, I Could Be Wrong

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On the 360 version the matchmaking is alright.

I played plenty of games last night, and had lag in only one match.