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She's got her ear pressed to a newly bought/found conch shell.

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she certainly couldn't be scratching he face or any mundane activity like that

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TheRealMafoo said:

Who would he be talking to, and how? There would be no cell towers.

How crazy does one have to be to think this is a cell phone?

It's a time-phone, allowing you to speak to all the continuum whenever you are

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It's funny how that zebra is actually just a painted horse. XD

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At first, I think you were talking about the Level-5 game titled Time Travelers. :(

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The woman is cupping her ear to hear herself sing. I guess this was more comman back then.

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Pavolink said:

At first, I think you were talking about the Level-5 game titled Time Travelers. :(

Me too


Conspiracy solved. Its a 1924 Seimens hearing aid. Click on the link and look at the picture. Some people just want to believe anything. Time travelers, Aliens, Ghosts, etc. The simplest answer is almost always the right answer.


Have you people watched the video. She is clearly holding something in her hand and talking. Just her behaviour is identical to someone talking on a cell. 

A cell phone would be utterly useless without the proper infrastructure--which hadn't been invented yet, and can't exactly be hauled back in a Delorian. 

The resolution is nowhere near clear enough to say that she's holding anything at all.  People talk to themselves, people put their fists/knuckles/hands to their chins/cheeks/temples/foreheads when thinking.  She could have had a toothache, or an earache, or been using a hearing aid.  She could have been holding something against her face, something cold/hot/soft/whatever for some purpose.  She could have been stung by a bee and been muttering about it while clutching the afflicted area.  She might have cut herself shaving her grizzled sideburns and been holding a lump of coal to staunch the bleeding.  She might have been slapped by an enraged chimpanzee in a bell-hop costume after feeding him a maggoty bananna she purchased from a disreputable street urchin turned produce vendor.

Sadly, none of my examples are even close to as absurd as this buffoon's.  A "time traveller using a cell phone"?  Feh!  Why not just tell us it was a lepercaun riding a unicorn down a rainbow from Asgard?  Guys like this give a bad name to folks who study the real riddles of our world's frontiers, our dust-obscured and largely unknown past, and the cosmic riddles born of the vastness of space.  He makes it too easy for the Phillistines to point at them and laugh "Look at that looney!  He thinks Atlantis might be based on a legend common throughout the ancient world, next he'll say there was a cell tower on the Sphinx's head!"