how many of you are getting time crisis + move??

Forums - Sony Discussion - how many of you are getting time crisis + move??

how many of you are getting time crisis + move??

yes i'm getting time cri... 11 14.86%
yes i will get both time crisis and move 35 47.30%
no i'm not interested 28 37.84%

just wondered as i'm really looking forwards to this game which is coming out here in november, can't wait

it's the future of handheld


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I played the demo that came with my Move bundle and it was very fun co op action I may even buy the gun plastic thing and also its 3 games for 40$.

day one!!

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i'm getting it , and i already have the move, but i want to play it with the guncon, its better that way (with no pointer on screen)

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I like time crisis,but not enough to get a move. lol

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How much money does the plastic pistol costs?

Where's the "Interested but no money" option?

deffo me. its 3 games in 1 with online play

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i already got the move so i will just buy the game

Has the price been revealed yet?

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