Will move bring huge profits for Sony?

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Completly apart from motion wars but did you guys wondered about what kind of profit margin move may bring to Sony?

Let's see:

ps3 eye is just a simple low resolution webcam which Sony have sold for ages for as low at 20-30$ and since it was also sold as stand alone accessory it must be at least slightly profitable.

Then we have Move controller - it should cost them more than a gamepad but at 50$ MSRP this thing is certainly profitable.

Another thing is Navigation controler - this thing is even more simplified than sisaxis pad yet sells at 40$   MSRP. i remember people mentioned that estimates for mass production of 1 gamepad are at 1-2$.

And last thing is huge lineup of first party motion party games they are bringing for it. All those games are simple and probably cost a fraction of budget it takes to make game like Uncharted or GoW but should have no trouble to get into 500-1000k copies sold area.


The way it's shaping move might print money for Sony almost nintendo style.


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well.. I expect at least 4 years R&D and a huge marketing budget.. so no.. not in the first year.. but after that... over 9000!


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I'm really unsure as the what the uptake figures are going to be for the move. To be honest it don't think it will be an incredible money maker for Sony, but it's something they had to do to stay in the game. Even if they just break even (or pull a small profit like I think they will) it stops them from falling behind in the motion wars.

It think it's greatest strength is being an almost carbon copy of the wiimote. I know it sounds like an insult, but you have to look at the strengths of the tactic. They are taking a piece of equipment that many people are already familiar and comfortable with so there is less adaption required, and it also allows for easy wii-PS3 ports such as Dead Space Extraction that just can't be done on Kinect.

My only big problem with the move right now is the lack of good launch games. I actually checked out Amazon yesterday with intent to buy but couldn't see anything I wanted. I don't know if I just used the search wrong but I was only seeing about 4 games out during launch week o_O

Edit: This is Amazon UK I'm talking about.

I think this is a lesson both MS and Sony learned this gen.

The Gilette-way doesn't work well in this industry.

Kinect and move are probably sold with a profit or at least breaking even.

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I think Move could turn out to be a very good move for Sony (little wordplay there :) and help medium to long term profitability a lot.

I agree with VGHippy and I think we will see that most publishers will end up doing a PS3 HD version of their Wii games going forward. Not only that, I think we will also see a lot of Kinect games coming out for Move/PSEye, for instance that new Sonic game that was on EG some weeks ago seems like it could be easily done also with either just the PSEye or combined with the Move to avoid light condition issues.

So Sony might just end up ensuring that most major Wii and Kinect games also comes for Move and at the same time being the only motion controller with enough precission to actually be used in hardcore games and traditional sport games (like the announcement that Move will be used for the new basketball games from 2K for instance)

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Depends on uptake

Although I think every Move sale will generate profit I have fears for the concept.

As good as Move is they are trying to muscle in on Nintendo territory.

They need to convince the Hardcore Move is worthwhile. No easy task.

They need to convince Casual users that the advantages in graphics and movement that PS3/Move allows is worth nearly three times the admission price. Fail to do this and they will just buy a Wii.

They need lots of great games and fast. This is the biggest worry of all I've only seen one game review for Move and it was painted as a lacklustre title.

Worst of all it is aimed at the Nintedo casual market and games like that have an RRP of 30 bucks.

The Move equivalent is twice the price.

For what its worth before all the Sony fanboys start to get in tizzy and wet themselves, I think Kinnect will face all the same problems.

So in conclusion



If they get good 3rd party support and market those games to the right crowd, it can definitely be a sucess

Profit? Yes, but I doubt it will be huge.  Ultimately it's the software that matters, so we have to wait and see what developers do with it - once there is a decent amount of good software, people will pick it up. Overall, since it's so similar to the Wii, I think Move can only succeed in the long run, but I'm confident it will.

Even if it won't be "a hit" this gen, it will be there for next gen as a standard controller and it will be essential for Sony to compete in the future.