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So it's looking mighty fine so far!

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Do want!

Sweet! I've always liked the look of this and will definitely be picking it up some time before Christmas, so it's good to see it's started off with a good review!

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Not sure if want.

It's good to note that Games Master UK is one of the most stable reviewer out there.

On average, Games Master UK grades 0.1 points higher than other critics.

So we definitely can expect Enslaved to be around 86 (84-88) on Metacritic. That is totally good enough for me to buy day one!

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WHAT ?!?!

I thought Enslaved was supposed to be released in 2011. But it's coming out this year ? God damn.

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I never heard of Gamesmaster. 86% Meta would be much better than expected though and a big success.

I expect more like a 78% Meta.

Good enough for me!  I'm sold!

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I wanted to love this game so much but I just can't forgive them for not making it 2 player. I thought it was tailor made for that. Oh well I guess me and the missus will just have to keep looking for the next RE5


I pre-ordered this, comes out Oct. 5 in the US