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It not The Conduit 2, it's just Conduit 2.

I hate that dude but the overall style is nice. Could possibly have something dark in the upper parts to contrast the Wii logo.

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LordTheNightKnight said:

Well this will help determine how much of the Wii audience likes those games.

If "those games" are first person shooters. I think the Call of Duty ports already determined that.

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greenmedic88 said:

Master Chief called. He wants his look back.

But Master Chief never called Samus Aran back so he could finally return her green prototype suit back!!!

Gears of Halo Wii confirmed?

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Is that a helghast in the background on the right??!


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greenmedic88 said:

Master Chief called. He wants his look back.

but first he owes Samus Aran her suit back.

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Eh, i liked the original better to a point. It was blue, this one is just... grey.

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Not bad. Much better than the first one.

Gears of Conduit, Conduit of War, Condlo, Haduit, Conduizone so which one is it? =P

Cheebee said:

Gears of Halo Wii confirmed?

It's actually the sequel because of the 2....

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